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Tag: Mozilla

Chrome 68 with Page Lifecycle Interface is Allowing Browsers to Optimize System Resources

We all go through the burden of heavy browsers. Mozilla and Google Chrome bring the good news for you! They are working to reduce the amount of memory and other resources their browsers use -  your device memory. We have all noticed that bro...

Google May Have Toned Down YouTube on Edge and Firefox, claims Mozilla

A Mozilla executive has recently claimed that Google has made YouTube slower on the browsers Edge and Mozilla Firefox. Google in early 2017 had provided a design refresh to YouTube with the company’s own Polymer library. This enabled a ‘quicker f...

The nonprofit Mozilla redesigned its Firefox browser to take on Google Chrome

After Google released Chrome in 2008, Firefox became irrelevant to some extent. But now, it is back with a complete makeover to take head on other browsers. Mozilla released a new version last year, code-named Quantum, which uses less memory than an...

Mozilla’s Common Voice is Going Multilingual, Touches Three New Languages

Mozilla announced today, June 7, that its Common Voice has begun going multilingual, now available in German, Welsh, and French. It is presently in the works to launch more than 40 languages additionally. Common Voice was launched under the proje...

Firefox Reality For the Next Generation of Standalone VR and AR Headsets

The developers at Firefox decided that the world is in a dire need of augmented and mixed reality goggles and they did exactly that. The company has named its new web browser Firefox Reality and it is meant for AR/ VR/ MR browsers. The project is in...
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