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Tag: Mozilla

Firefox 59 Private Browsing Mode Will Cut Back Details About the Last Visited Website

Firefox 59, from the next version, will improve their privacy by cutting back on details that websites can share about the last site visited. It will remove much of the information that is passed on by websites to endeavor improved privacy for users...

Firefox 59 to Have More Security Options and Suggestions in the Address Bar

Mozilla focuses a good part of its current development resources on the launch of Firefox 58 the next week, although in parallel, it continues working on the next version of the browser, Firefox 59. In this way, the users of this proposal that ru...

CAPTCHA Page Encountered by Users on Google, Along With Blocks on Searches

Issues regarding the Google search engine have been persisting since November 2017 as users have complained about on changing the per page search result limit option beyond 30. Users are redirected to a CAPTCHA page, owing to unusual traffic perceiv...

Mozilla is Bringing Breachalert to Notify Users on Compromised Sites

Mozilla revealed that a new Firefox add-on program called BreachAlert is being developed for providing out-of-the-box alerts. This add-on will warn users while they visit websites that have been compromised. BreachAlert will aim at alerting users...

Firefox Marketing New Firefox Quantum by Degrading Older Version

The competition between Chrome and Firefox isn’t a new one, and neither is the fact that Chrome got to trump over Firefox most of the time when it comes to being a popular web browser. Well, with Firefox releasing its latest version, the Firefox Qua...
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