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Venmo announces support for instant money transfer to bank accounts

Venmo has finally announced the support for instant transfers to U.S. bank accounts. The feature is an optional alternative to Venmo’s standard bank transfer service which was limited to transfers to eligible debit cards and took three business days to get the transaction done. PayPal’s mobile payment service Venmo is a mobile-based financial platform that […]

Uber, PayPal, and Visa to support Facebook crypto GlobalCoin

New information suggests that Facebook would have the support of Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Uber, and other companies for the development of the GlobalCoin. During the last weeks, there is a lot of talk about digital currency based on Facebook cryptography. There is a lot of possibility of it coming in the next few days. Not […]

PayPal is rolling out an Instant Transfer feature in the US

PayPal is enhancing some of its features which are accessible from mobile and desktop to instantly move money that they receive via the service into their bank accounts. The Instant Transfer feature is being rolled out to US consumers now, with businesses to get access in the coming weeks and international expansion set for the […]

9 Guaranteed tips to increase mobile eCommerce conversions rates

Are you having difficulties in getting higher conversion rates from your mobile users? Mobile users are one of the trends that keep on evolving and one of the most important users that you should give high regards in your eCommerce site. In research, mobile devices and the like are letting people watch contents and connect […]

Facebook partners with PayPal to raise $7M in donations for #GivingTueday 2018

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, Facebook has come together with PayPal to raise up to $7 million in donations on 27th November 2018 to match donations made on Facebook to nonprofits. Outlining the rules for donating, Facebook has said that it shall start matching donations with PayPal commencing at 8 a.m. ET (5:00 am […]

Facebook raised over $1 billion using their nonprofit fundraising tools this year

Facebook has its own platform for raising money for some good cause or some charitable goods to help those in need. Today Facebook announced that, on the charity platform alone, they have raised over $1 billion for nonprofit and personal causes. Being influenced and encouraged by this, Facebook has decided to bring nonprofit fundraising tools […]

Hotel technology trends you must not miss to watch out this year

We are changing the world with technology and as such, every business sector has to change with the times or get phased out. In recent years, we have seen advancements in communication with the use of webinars, web conferences and chatrooms to relay messages between users; 24-hour customer care representatives on various interactive websites; ease […]

Coolessay.Net review: The writing service you can rely on

Writing services gain more popularity every day. Students are getting more and more overloaded with assignments, and their financial state requires them to have part-time jobs. Due to the increasing demand, a web space develops a good offer of services, but far not every actually provides the customers with what was promised. There are even […]

Could there ever be a universally used payment method?

The days of paper money ruling supreme are over, and there is even a chance that one day in the future there will be no physical money left in the world. With technology advancing and presenting a wealth of new payment options, consumers are realizing that there is often no need to carry cash. It […]

Protecting your business – a few ways to do it

As an entrepreneur you need to take a couple of roles at the same time – you are a developer, but also the customer representative and the salesperson. That is one major role to play when it comes to the success of your business. It’s always a good idea to outsource some of these roles […]

Paypal Holdings Inc. shuts business ties with Alex Jones’s Infowars

PayPal Holdings Inc has finally decided to snap business ties with Alex Jones’ Infowars following his racist, hate speeches and discriminatory materials that were up on the website. Alex Jones is a popular American Conspiration Theorist, also was an influential radio talk show host who claimed that the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre in 2012 was […]

PayPal and Android email apps affected by spoofing vulnerability

A couple of months back, Eli Grey found a Google Inbox spoofing bug which would allow people to send mailto links that would spoof the recipient of the email. It means that it could be used for sending emails to a different address than shown on the recipient box. But the senders of the emails […]