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Will Java still be relevant in years to come?

Java was developed by James Gosling in 1995. Today one of the widely used mobile operating systems, Android and Big Data framework, Hadoop run with it. Top tech company’s like IBM supports Java on all their major platforms, running its mainframe, COBOL though it is not specifically dedicated to Java programming. According to a recent survey […]

6 Important tips to kickstart your career in Data Science

In a world dominated by data, Data Science is the ladder to building a promising career in unique and challenging job positions. Kickstarting your career in Data Science is now easier than ever thanks to the vast pool of online platforms offering Data Science courses. These courses are specially designed to walk you through the […]

Why and how to teach programming basics in elementary school

We all know that programming (or coding) is now as important as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Children not only need to learn programming skills to work as programmers and coders in the top MNCs one day but to survive and thrive in the era in which they are born and growing up. One who can […]

How to build React Native powered mobile applications

With the second largest number of contributors, React Native is one of the most successful mobile development frameworks. It’s not the number of contributors only that points that out, it’s the wide adoption by many tech giants. The long list includes Facebook, Instagram, Bloomberg and many others. React native delivers both, a smooth developer experience […]

The upsides of using Xamarin over Native App

Mobile applications are gaining power with each day passing by. The mobile digital media has overtaken the desktop media and every small, medium, or big business and company are flocking towards owning an application. In this current time if you are not able to reach out to the audience on their smartphones. It actually shows […]

How object-oriented programming connected to the Internet of Things

Objects, in terms of the programming world, are simply abstractions of code with specified properties. These abstractions make Object Oriented Programming (OOP) such a useful way to think about how computers should manipulate and utilize data to achieve specified goals. In the real world, objects are items that are in many ways equally identified by […]