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How to choose the right CRM software for your startup business

What is CRM software? Do you need it? If you do need it, do you know why? What type do you need, and how do you go about choosing it? That’s a lot of questions for an overworked startup CEO. So, let’s try to untangle this tricky knot, one step at a time. Just what […]

Salesforce expands partnership with AWS to simplify secure data sharing

Today at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s event in San Francisco, the global leader in CRM expanded their global strategic alliance with Amazon Web Sevices. The product integrations will dramatically simplify how customers can securely share and synchronize data across AWS and Salesforce services. The companies announced their offerings on the new set of data integration services between […]

Apple joins hands with Salesforce to bring new apps for business

Apple and Salesforce announced a strategic partnership in San Francisco today that is promised to bring together the best software with the best consumer technology. The partnership includes developing technology together and promoting each other’s products. Salesforce is to redesign its app based on the native mobile platform added to it will be exclusive iOS […]

The five deadly mistakes that can upend your Salesforce integration process

The most important part of Salesforce adoption is the integration of the system. Only when you manage to integrate Salesforce to other applications successfully, you can leverage the true potential of it. Just like any other integration process, the integration of the system with Salesforce requires the flawless transfer of data. Thankfully, the developers have […]

Top Three Content Management System trends for 2017

Content management software makers have managed well so far by making insignificant updates to their offerings in spite of clear indications of dissatisfaction from their target audience. Mostly, responses to requests for better products have been some updates to existing products, bug fixes and some new features. Not anymore. Time has come for CMS providers […]

Microsoft GigJam, a “must have” app to hook up and selectively share with others

Well, this is my first experience with GigJam app and as it was first it was really good app and impressed me. This is Office 365 service which recently updates as a closed preview was added, till now this was only available for Windows, Mac and iOS in June 2016 but now it’s finally available […]