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5 Quick tips for SEO friendly web designs

While there is a close connection between SEO and content writing, there are some technicalities that one needs to keep in mind before crafting an article for SEO support. The reason for being concerned in this area is the fact that knowing these technicalities greatly improve the ranking of your content on search engines. Your […]

How does website speed help boost business?

Does websites’ fast speed pay off? Is it true that by spending money on technology, you can grow your business?  It is known that the website is an elementary part of your business.  You might be developing a new website or customizing the old one. You must be trying your level best to build an […]

The easiest way to make an SEO tool provider work for you

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important part of your online business if you want to get more traffic and subsequently more customers. You not only need to get the right professionals to do SEO for you but also the right tool to check the effectiveness of the SEO work. is one of the […]

Grammarly Review – How it helps to eliminate grammatical errors

Are you tired of searching out effective tools to rectify the unnecessary grammatical errors? Whether you are a beginner writer or have been engaged in writing and another language-based job for years, making grammatical errors is perhaps very common, after all, we’re human. In today’s generation of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, almost every second […]

SEO tips: The best marketing apps for eCommerce business

Are you planning to start your own eCommerce business? Starting a business and running it successfully is not as easy as it sounds, it requires a lot of efforts for managing people, constantly checking stock levels, running to the market to pay bills and more. You spent months in ordering and organizing products to develop […]

8 Plugins every webmaster should be using on their WordPress site

Unless you are a WordPress prodigy or an outstanding web developer, you’ll need plugins to help your site run smoothly. With the right plugin, you can streamline the functionality of your WordPress site, improve its appearance, and most importantly, make it function efficiently. Fortunately, there are a good number of plugins to choose from. In […]

Understanding SEO Content: 6 Simple Practices to Try

SEO content is more than just text. It’s all about optimization and performance. Wise and planned optimization helps your web pages hit the rankings of search engines and therefore attract more users. In this post, we have gathered a list of simple and efficient practices to help you with this task. Definition of SEO content […]

Top 7 ways to boost technical SEO and rank higher

Are you planning on building your website? Then the first thing you have to take notice of is how you can improve your technical SEO! Focusing on search engine optimization has its benefits, especially if your goal is to drive traffic and potential clients for your online business. However, the question is how you can […]

Everything you need to know about link building

Everyone has clicked and used links online, but there’s more to links than it meets the eye. If you own a company or website, you should know that building proper links can make all the difference in how your site functions and how much traffic you receive. Read on to learn everything you need to […]

SEO mistakes you should stay away from

If you own an online business or have a website for digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization is crucial. It is the one thing that helps your site/online venture to rank higher and get better traffic. To remain on top of your SEO, you must avoid some mistakes. In this blog, we have talked about six […]

Google kills Chinese search engine Project Dragonfly

The under-process Google’s modeling work which is on how the search engine product will be working in the sovereignty of Chinese internet has entirely departed, as per the reports coming in. This decision was taken by the company to respond to all the internal complaints made by the employees about the Dragonfly being hidden from the […]

Tips to utilize storytelling for boosting website engagement

Let’s make it clear. Storytelling goes beyond the content on the website! There are billions of websites on every search engine, but only a few achieve their desired traffic and user engagement because visitors fail to connect with the website. Why? Because there’s no story, no ideas, and absolutely no reason to scroll down! Ever wonder why […]