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Mi LED smart bulb supports HomeKit convenience through Siri

Mi is a leading electronics company famous for its mobile phones and laptops. Mi’s new venture towards home convenience products is equally promising. Mi has recently come up with new LED smart bulbs that support Apple HomeKit and Siri voice control. The Xiaomi team said via blog post: As Xiaomi constantly improves, we remain dedicated […]

Mangrove predicts the release of Apple’s SiriOS at the WWDC 2020

An investment company, Mangrove, in its report called Voice Tech 2019 has predicted that Apple may announce its SiriOS at the WWDC next year. The report is mainly concerned with many voice-based technologies in their current state and tries to predict what those companies might do with their technology in the upcoming years. So far, […]

The best smart thermostats by price range you can buy now

Are you thinking about buying a smart thermostat for your house? Here you will find the most recommended models by price range to choose the one that best suits your needs. The connected home is no longer a thing of the future or for a few users, and more and more people are buying smart […]

A closer look at the future of voice-controlled games in online casinos

There’s no denying that we live in a time of rapid technological innovation where inventions that looked futuristic 5, 10 or 15 years ago are a reality today. Voice operated computers were perceived as a pipe dream not too long ago, and now they dominate many aspects of modern-day technology. Today, most devices come with […]

Second gen Apple AirPods launches with optional Wireless Charging Case

In a post on Apple’s Newsroom dated March 20, 2019, Apple introduced its latest 2nd generation AirPods that would be powered by an Apple-designed H1 chip. The second gen AirPods are said to be an improvement over the previous generation AirPods. Thanks to the H1 chip which would facilitate the hands-free “Hey Siri” functionality, and […]

Xiaomi launches Aqara Smart Curtain Motor with XiaoAI voice control support

One of Xiaomi’s ecological enterprises, Aqara is a sub-brand of Lumi. Their previous products have a place in the smart home market in China because of their simple product design and high-cost performance. With the recent launch of the Aqara HomeKit Smart Home Gateway, Aqara has now launched its smart curtain motor which is different […]

Voice of Waze Navigation app filed a lawsuit; suing Apple for using unauthentic voice

Waze, a GPS navigation software app sues Apple for using unauthentic voice. The female voice of the navigation app in Hebrew takes the case to the court filing a lawsuit of approximately $66,000, suing Apple for using her voice for Siri. According to the lawsuit, hundreds and thousands of people use the Hebrew version of […]

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence will completely transform businesses

Artificial intelligence trains machines and devices are to learn from human intelligence and wisdom to make logical and smart decisions. We are all familiar with Siri; a chatbot in iOS that addresses queries, makes phone calls, shares meanings, synonyms, and antonyms, writes text messages, records and sends audio, and more. Artificial intelligence has evolved exponentially […]

Google Assistant for iOS now supports Siri shortcuts

The Google Assistant app now became much easier to use for iOS users, after the app gained support for Siri shortcuts, making it easily accessible. The app description on the app store now reads, “We added support for Siri Shortcuts to make it even easier to access your Assistant.” Additionally, users can now set up […]

4 Things about how Voice Search is changing the SEO landscape you want to know

Desktops and laptops all over the world are gathering dust as smartphone and smart speaker users have their artificial intelligence (AI) assistants search Google for them. They only have to say a few words, and Siri or Alexa will find relevant information on products, businesses, and services. As of 2017, approximately 92 percent of 18 […]

How Apple has contributed to the FIFA World Cup 2018 fans

Everyone around the globe right now is now concerned with the hottest topic – the 2018 FIFA World Cup. So the tech companies too are trying to reel in more customers, alluring them with the promise to keep them up to date with the latest football news. World’s one of the leading tech company, Apple […]

iOS 12 upgrade brings better performance, prevents accidental screenshots and more

For a long time, the Apple users have been waiting for the iOS 12 update. There has been a rumor that iOS 12 would focus on bug-fixes and other smaller improvements. But now iOS 12 is actually improving the user-experience by upgrading the gadgets’ performance and feature improvements. iOS 12 update is offering a range […]