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Facebook Messenger tests screen share functionality for smartphones

New functionality is under trials by Facebook, reports suggest. Facebook is testing Screen Share functionality to its Facebook Messenger application for smartphones. Sharing screen is a handy tool that allows us to share our screens with our friends and family. Such a feature has been in use in Skype and other popular services, and it […]

Microsoft prohibits employees from using Slack, AWS, and Google Docs

Microsoft has reportedly banned its employees from using Slack and discouraged them from using a bunch of other apps including the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Docs. Well, competition is nothing new in the technology sector, where companies make a living by copying and improving the products of others. The situation is not different […]

Skype update launches screen sharing for Android and iOS

Skype has introduced its popular screen sharing feature into mobile calling experience on Android and iOS, as per the Skype blog post dated June 4, to facilitate easy screen sharing for people across all ages and all regions. One only has to start a Skype call, tap the newly redesigned “…” menu and start sharing […]

Skype releases Skype Web for Windows and iOS browsers

Skype announces that they will soon be releasing Skype for Web. From now on, users do not need to download the app which was a prerequisite before. Instead, they can use their browser and use Skype from there. The latest features can be availed from any desktop, Windows 10 and Mac OSX10.12 or higher, with […]

3 Pillars of remote working – empathy, trust and communication

Right about the time when Samantha is dropping off her two kids at school, Fatima is kissing her two young daughters lightly on their forehead as they drift off to sleep on the other side of the globe. Both women will then head off to work and within the next hour will greet each other […]

Skype video calls can now blur backgrounds; a webcam’s portrait mode

The video conferencing service Skype has introduced a new blurred background feature for more distraction-free video calling. The feature was first introduced in the company’s Teams collaboration app, and it has finally made its way to Skype. According to Skype’s announcement, the new feature works like the background blur functionality in Microsoft Teams, which was […]

Skype to aid real-time transcription and AI captions in early 2019

Coinciding with the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Microsoft is taking a step forward in making Skype more accessible with the launch of live call captions and subtitles. By launching a real-time translation and transcription feature for PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft is bringing the features with a big benefit for those who rely on assistive technologies every […]

Skype adds to Alexa features list for the hands-free calling

Users can now finally link Skype with Alexa, and what’s more is that linking Skype with Alexa will now give users access to 100 minutes of free calls per month for two months. The Alexa device can be set up by using Amazon Alexa App for Android or iOS. Following this, users need to go […]

5 Remote worker management hacks for startups

Managing workers in-office is challenging enough, but what about remote workers? According to a 2017 Gallup poll, an estimated 43 percent of American workers do some form of remote work. These are just your telecommuters. Combine that with outsourced global workers and the percentage increases, especially for startups. The very nature of the startup is […]

10 Best tools to solve your remote team management woes

This is a great time to be a manager. There’s a wealth of advice on how to be effective in your role available on sites like these. And the rise of the internet means that we don’t need to hope the very best staff are working in our backyard anymore. Remote working means that you […]

Microsoft to extend its support for Skype Classic for an indefinite future

Last month Microsoft announced that it plans to shut down the desktop version of Skype 7.0 which is also referred to as Skype Classic in September to replace with the new updated Skype 8.0. Skype 8 was first unveiled as a mobile redesign last year featured with a total design such as free HD video […]

Microsoft launches Skype 8.0 for desktop packing group call involving over 24 people

Microsoft has launched the latest version of Skype for desktop, Skype 8.0 that will replace the previous Skype Classic 7.0 starting September 1. There are quite a handful of features in Skype 8.0 that aim to build on the conveniences for the users. Perhaps the most exciting one is that of the group calls, each […]