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Indian Railways to use AI facial recognition technology to identify criminals

Backed by artificial intelligence, Indian Railways is planning to enhance its security with the use of facial recognition technology. “CCTNS is the criminal database of Indian security agencies and we are planning to connect {it} with our FRS database through a bridge software” – an RPF official. This AI will help to identify criminals and […]

C-DOT introduces Samvad at IMC 2019

The Indian Mobile Congress (IMC) is going full throttle, and October 15 is the second day of this IMC. Among various new technologies that have been introduced in the IMC so far, the Congress still keeps delivering something to be in awe of. The second day of the Indian Mobile Congress kicked off with the […]

Xiaomi launches two new variants of Xiao Ai smart speakers starts at $24

Xiaomi announced two new smart speakers yesterday at the Mijia product launch conference held on June 11 in China. The two new smart speakers are the Xiao Ai Speaker Universal Remote Edition and the Xiao Ai Speaker Play, both of which feature the Xiao Ai assistant support. Xiaomi Xiao Ai Speaker Play Featuring a rectangular […]

Xiaomi announces Mi True, Mi Band 4 and Mi Electric Scooter Pro in Spain

Xiaomi recently announced some smart hardware which has been described by them as “a myriad of ecosystem smart hardware connected on the IoT platform.” These newly-launched smart hardware products include the Mi True Wireless Earphones, the Mi Smart Band 4 and the Mi Electric Scooter Pro. Mi True Wireless Earphone Offering up to a total […]

Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth speakers SRS-XB22 and SRS-XB32 launched in India

Sony today announced two new models constituting a part of its Extra Bass wireless speaker line-up: the SRS-XB22 and the SRS-XB32. They offer the facilities of selecting a favorite playlist, cueing the next song, and changing lighting patterns and sound modes of the speakers. What’s even more fascinating is the wireless party chain mode that […]

Top 4 VR-powered apps that take the design to the next level

Within the past years, no technology has been more hyped up or promising than virtual reality. Everyone from large tech companies to emerging startups is investing in the technology to pay off. VR-powered solutions provide the ability to transport users to an entirely new experience or area in the world! Every sector from corporate training […]

Smart cities and cybersecurity: What you need to know

SDigital innovation is shaping our future. Its impact on our everyday lives can no longer be ignored. We carry it around in our pockets, rely on it for medical care, and even share our beds with it. And as of late, the same technology we use in our offices and homes has started growing into […]

How to start your tech reviewer career?

Technology is taking over the world. In the past few decades, we have come a long way. Technology is everywhere and has now become a significant part of our life. Be it working out, running, swimming, going to the office, college or completing your custom thesis work, everywhere technology is present. Technology has made our […]

Writing a professional case study on technology topics

A case study is one of the most complicated academic assignments. Why is it so difficult to write this piece of writing? Well, it demands in-depth knowledge and advanced writing skills. Additionally, its purpose is quite complex. This is a special paper, which concentrates on certain cases that ought to be discovered. A researcher may […]

Most helpful Sleeping Gadgets to improve your sleep quality

Technology has become the best friend of mankind. Use of electronic gadgets has made your life easy and convenient in several ways. Researches are being made to raise the quality of human life using technology. Numbers of products are being invented to help you get better sleep through the night and become healthier in this […]

Xiaomi router 4A Giga; another upgraded version with 3C certification to launch soon

Reports suggest in recent years, the popularity of the Internet has been astounding, where most of the devices have been connected to the internet, and the speed of internet is now its primary importance. So there is an indispensable device that comes in handy, a router. Thus, the Mi Router can be put next to the Mi/Redmi smartphones […]

Apple is considering to launch folding smartphone according to a new patents

While we have heard about what are folding smartphones, in addition to having seen a prototype by Samsung and many demonstrations about folding OLED panels, it seems that Apple may finally be willing to make an appearance in this area, or at least intends to do so. The Cupertino company filed a patent which is […]