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Super-Earth K2-18b sits within the habitable zone as water vapor detected by scientists

Scientists for the first time have detected water vapor in the atmosphere of Super-Earth K2-18b habitable planet which is beyond our solar system. Such a discovery has raised hopes that the planet might be within the habitable zone, thus supporting the possibility that it could support alien life. It is suspected that the temperature is […]

Chinese startup LinkSpace to reuse space rockets; conducts third test in 5 months

China is trying to keep up to the space success so far celebrated by other nations, such as US or India, and to do so the Chinese startup LinkSpace completed its third test of a reusable rocket in the past five months. According to the company’s CEO Hu Zhenyu, the rocket RLV-T5 took off in […]

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo may soon reach space with two pilots

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo, VSS Unity is all set for entering into the next test of testing at the end of which, hopefully, and eventually, the spaceship will reach space for the first time. But before reaching space, it will be tested for airspeed, loads and thermal heating. Virgin Galactic is the world’s first commercial spaceline […]

Nasa Rocket FOXSI set to launch to probe the Sun’s Nanoflare

NASA in a recent update has stated that the US space agency is all set to launch a rocket to probe the Sun’s nanoflare using X-ray vision. Nanoflares are the tiny and highly intense eruptions that take place across the sun’s surface. These eruptions have resulted when the magnetic field lines of the sun’s atmosphere […]

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter discovers surprising quantity of water ice on Mars

The scientists using NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have discovered thick deposits of ice in the mid-latitudes of Mars, courtesy of erosion wearing away surface rock on the planet. The ice layers are believed to be extended hundreds of feet deep. This discovery could reveal sensational new details about our neighbor planet. The study authors explained […]

Warwick scientists discover first ever white dwarf pulsar after 40 years

A big news in the space science – after years of research and various space theory finally Warwick University students discovered dwarf pulsar. Professors Tom Marsh and Boris Gänsicke of the University of Warwick’s Astrophysics Group, and Dr. David Buckley from the South African Astronomical Observatory, have discovered and confirmed a hypothesis proposed by amateur […]