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Tag: TikTok

‘Zynn’ App Presents a Strong Challenge to TikTok By Paying Its Users

Zynn, a new Chinese app, has stormed the US App Store charts. According to Mashable, the app has risen rapidly to become the number one free app in Apple App Store. It is also currently placed in the top 10 on Google's Play Store. Experts and u...

Facebook acquires Giphy for a hefty price of approx. $400 million

Facebook acquired Giphy, a library full of video clips and GIFs that can be attached to a text. The Giphy will be integrated with the Facebook-owned popular app Instagram. Facebook made a hefty deal with Giphy for integration. According to a valid s...

TikTok To Conduct Large-scale Recruitment in New London Center

After having the largest TikTok office in Los Angeles, USA, TikTok has decided to set up a new office for Europe in London. This will obviously lead to the influx of a huge number of employees. London has grabbed the center of all attracting of ...

TikTok tests new ad format ‘shop now’ button; links advertisers

According to reports, TikTok is trying out a new ad format namely the shop now button. This would link advertisers to its leading influencers by allowing those creators to display a prominent call-to-action button in their videos. Market experts sug...

TikTok And Desktop Now Hand in Hand! Upload Videos via Desktop App

Since the time TikTok stepped in the life of self-made superstars, there was a constant insistence on the use of smartphones to shoot all the videos for the app. But not anymore! TikTok has introduced the new login options and video upload options, ...
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