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Tinder Lite launching in Southeast Asia soon

Tinder is the ultimate dating app for the millennials, and it rose to fame in no time gaining immense popularity among people, especially the millennials. Tinder created a huge market not only in the West but also in the East, and especially in Asia through its Asian market is an emerging one. Today Tinder announced […]

Facebook Dating to compete Tinder? Starts rolling out in Columbia

Starting today in Columbia, the networking site, Facebook starts testing on searching matches online. The Facebook Dating feature focusses mainly on its integration with Groups and Events that will encourage people to meet in public. The feature will be found under the hamburger menu symbol and will provide free access to people aging 18 years and […]

Tinder’s possible matches with its ‘top picks’ feature now available

Tinder top picks feature rolls out worldwide. The feature which is launched only for its premium Tinder Gold subscribers was initiated this year’s summer. Tinder Gold is the dating app’s premium platform which includes a selection of tools and features to help paid subscribers match with a partner. And the new feature will help in […]

Tinder rolls out two-second GIF feature to match potential profiles

Who doesn’t want to augment their creativity! Well, Tinder has come with the best idea to enhance your dating profile for your potential matches. Tinder announced that it is officially rolling out loops or looping two-second GIF alongside the usual still shot. If you are on this dating app and want to spice up your […]

Tinder’s new two-second Loop allow you to add video profile picture

Tinder is currently testing a two-second looping video feature for profiles that are similar to Boomerang and Facebook’s own profile videos. Now we’ve got a whole new experience that’s really going to set your swipe game in motion: Tinder’s new two-second loops, where you can take any videos and create a loop from it. – […]

Tinder’s new feature Tinder Boost lets users to increase their profile match

Want to get more profile views? Here’s how you can experience this – Just pay Tinder and you can increase chances of getting more matched profile in your area. The dating service app has launched a new feature called Tinder Boost that lets users to be one of the top profiles in your area. Subscribe […]

Tinderface allows you to easily stalk your Facebook friends on Tinder

Stalking online friends online is very common now-a-days. We can easily view people’s Facebook and Instagram profile and they won’t know, unless we like or comment on their photos or posts. Tinder is somewhat different than most social media apps because it’s used for dating. Many people wouldn’t be comfortable with their friends seeing their […]