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Verizon launches ‘Call Filter’ featured to alleviate Robocalls

Verizon is taking new steps to alleviate the nuisance of thousands of robocalls going out regularly. Verizon is aiming to reduce some of the pressure. On Thursday, Verizon Wireless, officially announced that it is rolling out a free version of its “Call Filter” feature for subscribers. With Call Filter, Verizon customers will have a free […]

Verizon to launch 5G home services from October 1st

USA cities of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento and California will have the Verizon 5G network within the threshold of their home as promised by the telecom firm. Verizon today, announced its plan to roll out 5G home services in “certain neighbourhood” in the aforementioned city on 1st October. The service, however, will not […]

KT, Verizon and Samsung collaborate to demonstrate the latest 5G innovation

On Sunday, 4th February 2018 (US time), Verizon Chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam and KT chairman and CEO Chang-Gyu Hwang conducted the unprecedented pre-commercial 5G video call using two of Samsung’s fully functioning prototype devices, the 5G Tablets. The call was conducted between Minneapolis, USA, and Seoul, Korea, during a sponsored sports event, and demonstrated […]

SEC investigating Yahoo towards the undisclosed hacking scandal

Bad news is not leaving Yahoo and the new in the list is an investigation by SEC against the search engine company. The US government agency is reportedly investigating why Yahoo has not shared the information of its two major data breach back in 2014. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Yahoo is in […]

Verizon acquires Yahoo for $4.83 billion

This marks an end of era for a company that once defined the internet. Verizon one of the largest telecommunication carriers in the US has agreed to buy Yahoo for  $4.83 billion. The American technology major still holds billions of visitors a month as a front door web for early generation of internet users ends its […]