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Tag: VPN

When should I use a VPN? – 10 Situations when you need a VPN

One of the biggest perks we, as humans have today is the unlimited information flow provided by the internet at any given time. As we live in times where we have access to global content and  information,  we think little about our safety ...

Virtual Private Networks: What They Are, and Why Your Business Needs One

You might have heard the term VPN before. It stands for the virtual private network. But just what is a VPN, and is it worth it for you to get one for your business?  We’ll answer both questions in this article, and in doing so, give you a b...

How to screencast an Android phone to TV with VPN

Technology is absolutely fascinating. From huge screen, we went to a tiny screen and now we are back with the big screens. It is like a never-ending cycle. However, no matter which side you support, big screens or small, I am sure everyone can agree...

10 Explicit Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN For All Your Online Activities

The extensive global penetration of the internet is making life better. From doing business online, sharing information, to healthcare, the internet brought a lot in people’s lives. However, the internet can also expose you to a lot of risks. Safety...

Can a Vpn Really Improve Your Download Speed?

As advertised by VPN providers themselves, can a VPN really make a difference in download speeds? Well, it can but not in every scenario. VPNs have become popular in the past few years. Previously used only by professionals for business purposes,...
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