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How to avoid spam-traps when sending emails: 4 Tips

Have your open rates unexpectedly dropped to single digits with no warning or reason? Don’t freak out! Your readers still adore you. They just didn’t have a chance to open your email. Why? In 99% of such situations, your dropping open rate is an outcome of your newsletter mistakenly winding up in that ruthless spot […]

Flickr announces a range of new updates for Flickr Free and Pro accounts

SmugMug, during its acquisition of Flickr, the world’s largest photographer-centric community, this April, had made a commitment to revitalize the app. And after a month of efforts made in the direction on the basis of suggestions made by Flickr members, the company is following up on its promise by announcing a number of new updates […]

Yahoo to pay $50 million for the biggest data breach in history that affected 200 million users

There’s news to rejoice for the Yahoo users as Yahoo has agreed to pay $50 Million for the damage done to its 200 million users due to pilfering of their personal data which caused the largest data breach case in history. Moreover, it will also provide two years of free credit – monitoring services to […]

Why Your SEO Strategy Should Focus On Google

Among all the search engines that exist, Google is the most widely used. An infographic created by the folks at SEO Tribunal states that Google holds 92.59% of mobile searches and 72.8% of desktop, as compared to Baidu which comes in second with 4.57% of mobile and 12.85% of desktop searches. Bing holds just 1.16% […]

The first messaging app, Yahoo Messenger to close on July 17

Messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Wechat are gaining pace in world of messaging apps. On the contrary, Yahoo Messenger, considered to be one of the best old messaging apps has confirmed its closure on July 17. This app has a very strong history. During earlier times it was reckoned to be an […]

Yahoo just joined the bunch of group chat apps with the release of Squirrel

Chat apps are basically the lifeline of millennials. There is a huge line of companies when it comes to releasing new chat apps and Yahoo just joined the bunch. Earlier today a new app called “Squirrel” mysteriously appeared on the Play Store. This new app is developed by Yahoo. The company still wants to stay […]

Yahoo bids adieu to Aviate Launcher on March 8

For all the Yahoo users out there, there’s an app called Yahoo Aviate, and to clarify common assumptions triggered by the name Aviate, it is a third-party launcher app that was rolled out in 2013 and was acquired by Yahoo shortly after its earlier development and through a short closed beta. Following its purchase, it […]

Yahoo Finance debuts Tanda to help millennials save money more efficiently

Yahoo Finance has modernized an age-old practice of pooling money and made it available as a mobile app for the modern user. ‘Tanda’, its latest app, puts a twist on the idea of saving money by making it an innovative project that promotes social harmony by allowing complete strangers to pool their money together. To […]

SEC investigating Yahoo towards the undisclosed hacking scandal

Bad news is not leaving Yahoo and the new in the list is an investigation by SEC against the search engine company. The US government agency is reportedly investigating why Yahoo has not shared the information of its two major data breach back in 2014. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Yahoo is in […]

Yahoo renames as Altaba after $4.8 Verizon deal, concurrently Marissa Mayer resigns

Yahoo was in the news this week as the company planned to change its name to Altaba after the $4.8 Verizon deal. At the same time, the company’s CEO Marissa Mayer has announced to resign from the company. It’s been a great headline from last few days that the company is selling itself to Verizon […]

Yahoo again victimized of hacking after September breach, this time 1B accounts

It seems like there is no ending of bad time for Yahoo. Since search company announced its data breach few months back the company is again in the news. No, now not for any product launch or new service – rather revelation of second largest hack in past three months. Bob Lord, the chief information […]

Yahoo officially admits data breach affecting 500 hundred millions users

Amid Yahoo’s sale of its core business to Verizon the company is news again – and this time it is very serious. The internet giant officially confirmed that data breach of its users and damage can be bigger that what is estimated. At least 500 million user accounts was stolen According to a report by […]