PlayStation’s new entries to the Virtual World – Borderlands 2 VR and Beat Saber Bundle

The announcement for the launch of the new PlayStation VR Borderlands 2 VR and Beat Saber Bundle that gives access to the two action-packed VR games are recorded. The Borderlands 2 VR is the latest and the most exciting experience to come to the massive immersive platform by bringing the iconic shooting and looting world […]

Formula One fans to get the limited edition Vive headset along with special VR content

HTC’s VIVE headset with StreamVR pulls off the computer screen with exclusive McLaren experiences. The limited edition McLaren VR titles are exclusively being given to Viveport. Therefore the excitement of racing for team ‘McLaren’ comes along with such exciting offers to have a magnificent experience in the virtual world. The limited edition McLaren racing HTC Vive […]

HTC Vive in partnership with McLaren teases F1 VR racing experience

The collaboration of the massive HTC with the McLaren’s VR F1 is all set to arrive in the West shortly. At the ChinaJoy event, Taiwanese mobile giant announced its partnership with McLaren, the British Formula One to put the visitors in the place of the virtual seat of the McLaren F1 car which was completely […]

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ MR Head Show released for improved immersive experiences

On August 23rd, Samsung announced its new Samsung Odyssey on US FCC website. The device supports Windows MR and steams VR, both of the screens are 3.5 inch AMOLED + SFS screens with 2880 x 1600 resolution. Also has 1440×1600 single-eye resolution, 1233 PPI pixel density and twice of the previous ones. The head-mounted display also […]

6DOF Controller add-on for Vive Focus announced by HTC

Today, HTC announced a new product which is 6DOF controller tracking add-on fire Vive Focus which would bring the 6DOF controller tracking to the device. HTC’s standalone VR headset had a great launch in China earlier this year, after which it was released as a development kit in West this year May. The mind-blowing feature […]

YouTube VR app comes to Oculus Go to witness the world with amazing sound and visual effects

Ever thought of experiencing Antarctic ice caves or sitting underneath the Niagara falls or courtyard of the FIFA Finals? Virtual reality lets you experience these incredible moments just by sitting at your home with some great visual and sound effect. If ever you have any doubt or question about any place in the world YouTube […]

Facebook’s Oculus Quest Standalone VR officially launched for $399

A very new VR system, called the Oculus Quest has been introduced Today at the Oculus Connect 5 (OC5). This new Virtual Reality System allows the uses to have an all-round vision meaning there will be six degrees of freedom that will even make the Virtual environment feel like real as if the person is walking in […]

Top 5 VR apps for iPhone and Android you can try

Smartphones are advancing all the time, and manufacturers are always looking to incorporate the latest tech into their flagship devices, to ensure their customers get to experience the very latest technology has to offer. This tech is then incorporated into mobile products and services, and this is seen in everything from Minecraft Gear VR and […]

Google’s Daydream adds experimental features to use on the Lenovo Mirage Solo

Google’s Daydream VR offers one of the best mobile virtual reality experiences, and today they announced a new set of experimental features for developers to use on the Lenovo Mirage Solo to take it even further throughout 2018 and beyond. For the Lenovo Mirage Solo; the first standalone Daydream headset Google has some cool stuff […]

5 Hidden secrets behind VR technology

Technological advancements have birthed rapid development in many areas. Virtual Reality is one huge and intriguing transformation. Virtual reality (VR) surrounds you with a life-sized virtual world by creating a digital environment where you can interact with virtual humans and objects. To work effectively, it applies headsets like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. […]

HTC VIVE™ Viveport offers the Viveport Subscription Service to Oculus Rift

Today, HTC VIVE™ Viveport and HTC Vive commenced distribution of content compatible with the Oculus Rift. Consumers can now download and purchase games and apps from the Viveport, HTC VIVE’s global platform, app store and subscription service while storing their purchases and downloads to use with their Rift headset. Viveport, that offers a curated library […]

Google is helping STEM students get hands-on time by building a VR lab

For many students getting an access to a lab is not easy. There are several reasons such as student demand may be too high or their school cannot afford to provide unlimited access. But for students pursuing STEM degrees like biology, practical lab time is essential and sometimes it is required for a student to […]