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Disney reveals its conceptual Force Jacket that targets VR Headsets for purpose

Disney Research in collaboration with MIT Media Lab and Carnegie Mellon University has revealed the new conceptual haptic Force Jacket that can stimulate physical experience. It aims to find a purpose for the VR headsets. The jacket, rather the apparel device, or just another wearable is lined with airbags that are controlled by a computer […]

HTC launches Vive Pro 2.0, the VR Kit with new HMD VR headset

HTC announced yesterday that its newly upgraded VR kit, the HTC Vive Pro 2.0. It comes off with a brand new Vive Pro HMD VR headset. Sales have started since yesterday, and the price set is 162,880 Yen (tax excluded) or $1,399. The VR set has two base stations 2.0 and two bundled controllers. HTC […]

iQiyi will launch its 4K VR headset with 8K support

The Baidu owned iQiyi which is basically China’s alternative for Netflix, is making its way into the reality media business by releasing its very own iQiyi 4K VR headset. The developers of the device are claiming that it will come with a full support for the 8K panoramic view. This is, no doubt, a very happy […]

PlayStation VR brings 360 degree Torn house tour this spring

As the details of science fiction Torn emerged last month, now fans are able to get a closer look at the environment and will be exploring with the help of a series of 360-degree panoramic images of the mysterious mansion and its grounds. The abandoned mansion and its grounds are the main settings for the […]

Ready Player One to add five stars to new VR products by timely launch

Opening at the theatres on 29th March, its arrival is simultaneous to Oculus and other VR brands trying to push their new virtual reality products. The film, in a similar tone of the cult-classic Matrix Trilogy, shows characters escaping from a dystopian future Ohio by plugging into an alternative universe by means of VR headsets. […]

HTC’s first 6DOF VR headset Vive Focus to be available globally later this year

Today at the GDC 2018 HTC confirmed its release of Vive Focus, which is the first 6DOF stand-alone VR headset to be commercially available. It is supposed to hit the shelves later in 2018. Vive Focus developer kits are also being made available to developers that have registered for it, across the world, through the […]

Oculus reveals its VR Visionaries on its project ‘A Colossal Wave!’ at SXSW conference

The SXSW 2018 in Austin hosts Oculus Rift where they shared their Oculus VR Visionaries on the project ‘A Colossal Wave!’ that’s an original creation of the team named Marshmallow Laser Feast. This project is being processed by Canadian creative teams such as Presstube, Dpt. and Headspace Studio. ‘A Colossal Wave!,’ being a large-scale interactive […]

How VR gaming technology is changing the medical world

Virtual reality (VR) came into the public consciousness back in the early 1990s with the release of Sega’s headsets for arcade games and the Mega Drive. Since then, VR has come a long way and is no longer confined to gaming. It has infiltrated a number of different industries from the military to tourism, automotive […]

Motorola’s upcoming Moto Mod to be a VR Daydream headset

Evan Blass posted on its Twitter account the image of the upcoming Moto Mod that is most likely to continue their tradition. For the Z series phone, Motorola has been pushing Moto Mods over the last few years. But only a few have been of good. As outed by serial leaker Evan Blass the Motorola […]

Vive Pro and Vive demonstrated together for the first time at MWC 2018

Recently in CES, we were introduced to HTC Vive Pro and HTC Vive Wireless Adapter. Many of the users were waiting for the Wireless Adapter to be used with the higher resolution Vive Pro. This event was thus evidenced at MWC 2018 where both of these devices were demonstrated together. I got to step into […]

Top 6 ways VR technology will change the world

Imagine swimming with the dolphins without actually going to the ocean. Imagine experiencing an entire auto expo while standing in your living room. Imagine watching The Avengers fight off bad guys while standing in the middle of a New York street as an alien race lay siege to planet Earth. These are no longer figments […]

Pepsi to turn their TV commercial into a VR experience in 2018

This year, Pepsi’s marketing division has come with the idea of transfiguring their TV commercial into a VR(virtual reality). This is incorporated with the global campaign of “Pepsi Generations”. The newborn commercial has been titled as “This is the Pepsi” and intends to take you back across some emblematic moments of the brand. Pepsi fanatics […]