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Google partners with Lenovo to launch the first stand-alone VR headset

Virtual Reality, as a concept, is ever evolving. And now to make matters consumer friendly, Google has joined forces with Lenovo to launch a stand-alone headset that will not need to be connected to PC’s or smartphones. The device, hitherto in its first generation, will enter its second generation this year with all its computing […]

Xiaomi joined hands with Oculus to bring Oculus Go and Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone VR headsets

It has been officially confirmed that Xiaomi has joined hands with Oculus and the companies are going to introduce two standalone VR headsets, the Oculus Go and the Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone. They are looking forward to bring the high-quality VR within the reach of a larger mass. The Mi VR Standalone headset will be […]

Intel launches 8th Gen Intel Core processor with RX Vega M Graphics performs 3x faster

Intel just launched the 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processor. It is equipped with Radeon™ RX Vega M Graphics and has got features that are quite sure to impress the gamers, content creators and fans of virtual and mixed reality. It will be optimized for the 2 in 1s, thin and light notebooks, and mini PCs. […]

MERGE 6DoF Blaster debuts at CES, explore digital space without a VR headset

So much immersive experience and so many studies to bring the world of VR and AR to all possible fields and in the end, we leave one of the most importants and the one that should continue with everything that is currently working. It is none other than the smallest ones at home. It would be a […]

HTC teases 4K Vive VR headset, expected to reveal at CES 2018

HTC came up with a teaser for its release of 4K Vive VR headset via its official Twitter account and the brand is expected to showcase it’s New Year’s resolution at the CES 2018. The headset supports 4K visuals via its 2x 1,080 x 1,200 resolution. #newyearsresolution #HTCVIVE — HTC VIVE (@htcvive) January 5, […]

Amazon acquires patent for blended-reality mirror to give user VR experience

In a published patent today, Amazon revealed its ideas for a Blended-Reality Mirror. The mirror will use sophisticated technologies to blend the reflection of the object with a virtually real background. In doing so, it aims to provide Amazon customers with the ability to not only try out dresses virtually but also to do it […]

Google launches Jump Start program for professionals to create amazing VR content

Yesterday, Google revealed the creators and developers of its Jump Start program that is the platform of the company for professional VR videography. Combining automated stitching with high-quality video cameras makes VR video production simple while providing exclusive content. The program is for people coming from all backgrounds, being able to access the Jump cameras. […]

Oculus Go VR Announced at the Connect Conference by Facebook

In its Connect Conference yesterday, Oculus VR, which is owned by Facebook, had unveiled its new standalone VR headset named the Oculus Go. The Oculus Go is gray in color, having a power button, a small circular button, and a volume adjuster, at the top of the device. The fabric is breathable and the strap […]

Sony’s new PlayStation VR headset adds convenient new features

Sony announced a new PlayStation VR headset featuring a few small changes but making the device usage more convenient. This is more like an incremental upgrade than a platform overhaul. The new design includes a brand new model number and integrated stereo headphones. The model number CUH-ZVR2 comes up with Processor Unit that is updated […]

Opera Brings Online Videos Closer to VR Headsets

The Chrome team of Google has been focusing on VR web browsing these days. More interestingly, Opera came up with a solution of a pain point, having found a way to connect online videos and VR. You will have an option ‘Watch in VR’ at the top, to click on and view on your VR […]

Future of Virtual Reality explained: How it is changing the world

Virtual Reality and Augmented reality have shot to one of the most popular forms of entertainment and gaming technology in the past. These devices are genuinely taking the gaming and entertainment world by storm, but it’s also been predicted that this technology will eventually integrate into our everyday lives, as more of an assistance than […]

AR/VR Update: Social Welfare Gets a New Angle Through this Headset

While the augmented and virtual reality is inspiring gamers and enterprises, there is a new initiative that’s covering social welfare. Gamers Gift, a nonprofit enterprise, is bringing VR to assisted living facilities and hospitals. Co-founder and CEO Dillon Hill of Gamers Gift said that he wasn’t satisfied with more conventional volunteering prospects. Rather, providing opportunities […]