Sony’s New PlayStation VR Headset has Minor but Convenient New Features

Sony announced a new PlayStation VR headset featuring a few small changes but making the device usage more convenient. This is more like an incremental upgrade than a platform overhaul. The new design includes a brand new model number and integrated stereo headphones. The model number CUH-ZVR2 comes up with Processor Unit that is updated […]

Opera Brings Online Videos Closer to VR Headsets

The Chrome team of Google has been focusing on VR web browsing these days. More interestingly, Opera came up with a solution of a pain point, having found a way to connect online videos and VR. You will have an option ‘Watch in VR’ at the top, to click on and view on your VR […]

Future of Virtual Reality explained: How it is changing the world

Virtual Reality and Augmented reality have shot to one of the most popular forms of entertainment and gaming technology in the past. These devices are genuinely taking the gaming and entertainment world by storm, but it’s also been predicted that this technology will eventually integrate into our everyday lives, as more of an assistance than […]

AR/VR Update: Social Welfare Gets a New Angle Through this Headset

While the augmented and virtual reality is inspiring gamers and enterprises, there is a new initiative that’s covering social welfare. Gamers Gift, a nonprofit enterprise, is bringing VR to assisted living facilities and hospitals. Co-founder and CEO Dillon Hill of Gamers Gift said that he wasn’t satisfied with more conventional volunteering prospects. Rather, providing opportunities […]

Coldplay Live in Virtual Reality to be Broadcasted by Samsung and Live Nation

On August 17 Fans Across 50+ Nations Can Tune-in to the Live VR Broadcast of “A Head Full of Dreams Tour” from Soldier Field via Samsung Gear VR. Samsung Electronics America and Live Nation will communicate Coldplay’s “A Head Full of Dreams Tour” live in virtual reality from Chicago’s Soldier Field for the very first […]

How Mobile Will Be a Big Part of Boosting Popularity of VR

The first batch of VR headsets is here and yet fans are already looking forward to the next generation. 2016 wasn’t quite the virtual reality revolution that some had initially predicted, but it did help to set the stage for what’s to come. The market has been established and the technology keeps getting better. As […]

Enjoy MLB in a New VR Experience with Daydream

Virtual reality has transformed the video and gaming experience and continuing to do it. It is assisting filmmakers in reaching to their audience in a unique perspective, involving the audience in the action. This is what the Daydream is assisting in doing many video makers, Film studios, TV networks, Musicians, YouTube Channels. Daydream team wants to bring […]

Huge Price Drop in Rift and Touch Combo of Oculus

Tough temporary, the Oculus Rift and Touch combo is facing a huge price drop – at $499. Individually, the price for Rift, the VR handset, is $499; and the same for Touch, the motion controller, is $99. This makes the devices in the combo drop at about $200. The price drop will be in the […]

How the age of Virtual Reality is revolutionizing mobile apps?

Virtual reality has completely changed everything around us. The era of a better and much evolved technological advantages that have affected the different parts of life. Virtual reality was a concept only known to gaming and the sci-fi world. Now it is changing the quality of customer service and the idea of business for many […]

Facebook 360 introduced for Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus

Facebook has introduced the Facebook 360 app for Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus and this is an exciting new way to explore Facebook 360 photos and videos. A 360 photo allows users to view the scene from every angle, above, below, behind and next to you. You can create 360 photos by using special 360 camera hardware, taking a […]

The future of mixed reality videos could be your face

Virtual reality provides a great experience to users which offers different angle to see the world and to provide different environments for both real and imaginary. Google has developed its new mixed reality technology which removes the headset from a virtual reality, so in real time the viewers can see the wearers’ facial expressions. Google […]

YouTube VR to provide a new way for watching videos with VR Headset

YouTube the biggest platform for sharing the videos all over the world is now enhancing its feature by providing an all new way for watching the videos over it. YouTube today announced the support for 3D VR videos. For more than a year, the YouTube team has been adding support for new video and audio […]