Apple to Double iPhone Production in India by 2024

By: Rahul Bhagat

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts Apple's iPhone production in India will double by 2024, aligning with the company's effort to increase its market presence there.

The growth is attributed to Foxconn's manufacturing efforts and Tata Group's acquisition of Wistron's iPhone production lines in India.

This expansion is crucial for Apple's relationship with the Indian government and its future sales and product offerings in the region.

Kuo anticipates the first iPhone model designed in India, starting with the iPhone 17 in 2024, marking a strategic move for Apple's diversification from China.

Foxconn's projected reduction in production in China is linked to its increased focus on India, showcasing the shifting dynamics in Apple's production strategy.

Luxshare, a significant partner, has seen substantial growth and is expected to handle production for many iPhone models, expanding its role in Apple's manufacturing landscape.