Google Pay Enables Aadhaar-Based UPI Authentication

Google Pay now supports Aadhaar card-based authentication for setting up UPI, aiming for greater financial inclusion in India.

Users can authenticate using Aadhaar or their debit card during the UPI setup process on Google Pay.

To authenticate with Aadhaar, users must enter the first six digits, OTPs from UIDAI, and their bank, and the bank will complete the process.

Phone number linkage with UIDAI and the bank and the Aadhaar card linkage with the bank account is essential.

Google is excited about the UPI activation using Aadhaar-based OTP authentication, aligning with the government's vision of driving financial inclusion.

With this feature, users can transact, check balances, and skip the need for a UPI PIN using a debit card, while Google Pay ensures the security of Aadhaar information.