Yusuf Balogun

India Launched 36 OneWeb Satellites

Indian Space Research Organisation, ISRO has just successfully launched another 36 satellites from its largest LVM3 rocket that weigh around 150 kilograms for a total payload of 5,805 kilograms.

These new satellites were launched by NewSpace India Limited and officially completed the plans to release 72 satellites of OneWeb to Low Earth Orbit.

The rocket reached the conditions to release the satellites into Low Earth Orbit in 18 minutes and began releasing these OneWeb satellites at the 20th-minute mark.

OneWeb confirmed that the satellite injection was successful as it confirmed the acquisition of signals from all 36 satellites.

In October 2022, the agency deployed 36 satellites of OneWeb. This mission marks the second successful OneWeb satellite deployment project from India.

The OneWeb constellation design requires 588 satellite for global coverage and additional satellites are planned for resiliency and redundancy.