Microsoft's AI-Powered Shopping Tools for Bing & Edge

By Rahul Bhagat 30.06.2023

Microsoft has introduced AI-powered shopping tools for Bing and Edge, including buying guides and review summaries to enhance the shopping experience.

Bing's GPT-powered AI capabilities will generate buying guides that aggregate products, provide specifications for comparison, and suggest where to buy them.

Including AI-generated buying guides may disrupt existing sites specializing in such content, potentially impacting legitimate editorial operations.

Microsoft has launched the buying guides feature in Bing for the United States, with a worldwide rollout planned for buying guides in Edge.

Worldwide availability of AI-generated review summaries in Bing Chat, providing concise overviews of online product reviews in Edge.

Microsoft's Price Match tool enables users to request price matches from participating retailers, even after a drop, with more retailers to come.

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