Samsung Improves S23 Series's 45W Charging Speed

By Yusuf Balogun 06/03/23

In 2019, Samsung launched its first 45W fast-charging smartphone but this year's S23 series is the generation with the most improved fast-charging performance.

The S23 Ultra has a 5000mAh battery capacity, while the S23+ has a 4700mAh battery and the S23 has a 3900mAh battery capacity.

The S23 Ultra is charged to 30% in 10 minutes, 55% in 20 minutes, 76% in 30 minutes, and 91% in 40 minutes. The full charge takes 52 minutes.

TechDroider tested the charging speed comparison of S23 Ultra and other mobile phones and said the Galaxy S23 series is the most improved fast-charging performance.

Additionally, a test by Feiwei found that the actual charging power of this generation of S23 Ultra is higher, the high power time is longer, and the speed is faster.

The S23 series uses semi-open PPS fast charging and is compatible with some chargers that support high-current PPS.