Samsung One UI 5 is Launched and S22 Series can be updated

Yukesh Prabhu

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Today, November 21, will see the official release of the Samsung One UI 5. The Samsung S22 Series flagship models were the first to enter through the turnstile.

To update to the most recent One UI 5 system, the user must first access the "Settings" interface of the base system, scroll down to access the "Software Update" page, and then select "Download and Install."

Samsung One UI 5 Details

Let’s get some detailed information about the One UI 5 version.

You could change the modes under the banner of your activity

You can pre-set different ways for the phone as per your wish.

For instance, the ultra-fluid driving mode can be automatically switched on when you’re steering up the vehicle while the seat belt is on or when you’re taking a rest after a dreadful day.

To top it all off, you can control notifications on your device.

You can adjust numerous settings directly on the lock screen

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