Tesla Opens Superchargers For Other EVs in the US

Yusuf Balogun

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Supercharger Opening

The American EV giant, Tesla has announced the opening of its Superchargers in the United States for other electric vehicles.

The Superchargers, according to Tesla, are meant for other electric vehicles that are not from the company.

Initially, Tesla's Superchargers are already available for other electric vehicles in some parts of Europe, but this is the first time Tesla is opening them up in the United States.

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Availalbe in Europe

To charge at Tesla's Superchargers, other EV users will have to download Tesla's mobile app, and create an account, together with their payment details. 

Mobile App

Once that is done, one will be able to get a map of Supercharger stations with Tesla's Magic Dock, which converts Tesla's proprietary charging plug to the widely used CCS adapter.

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Dock AND Adapter

Then users will have to select a free dock and unlock the adapter via the app, after which they can undock the adapter, plug it in, and start charging.