Tesla's China Sales Surge  

Preparation tips by: Rahul Bhagat

Tesla is expected to achieve record-breaking quarterly sales in China despite facing competition from local automakers, according to analysts. 

Analyst estimates suggest that Tesla may sell 155,000 cars in China from April to June, a 13% increase from the previous quarter.

However, Tesla's market share in China's battery electric car market is predicted to shrink from 16% to 13.7% in the same quarter, with BYD and Aion gaining ground.

Deutsche Bank forecasts Tesla's China sales to reach 153,000 units in Q2, contributing to a global sales estimate of 448,000 units.

Tesla's direct sales model is seen as costly for expanding into China's lower-tier cities, where BYD has an advantage with its dealership network.

BYD, offering cars priced below 300,000 yuan ($41,500), has performed well in the Chinese market and has even outsold Tesla in markets outside of China, such as Singapore and Australia.

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