Tesla's Cybertruck: New Details Unveiled

Preparation tips by: Rahul Bhagat

On Wednesday, Tesla revealed new details about the all-electric Cybertruck during its Q2 2023 Earnings Call.

The automaker initially planned to offer three pickup configurations at price points of $39,990, $49,990, and $69,990 but eventually axed these options due to uncertainty about motors and pricing.

Tesla confirmed the final validation and testing of Cybertruck vehicles worldwide, aiming to create a unique car breaking engineering and manufacturing boundaries.

Cybertruck remains on track for initial production at Gigafactory Texas this year, with progress on the next-generation platform.

Despite accumulating over 1 million pre-orders since its launch nearly four years ago, specific pricing and configurations for the Cybertruck should have been mentioned.

Elon Musk indicated that Cybertruck deliveries would likely begin in Q3, with mass production starting next year.

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