TikTok Introduces Passkey Login for iOS Devices

By Rahul 2023

TikTok Introduces Passkey Login for iOS TikTok now offers passkey login for iOS devices, allowing users to sign in with their Apple ID passkey associated with Face or Touch ID.

Passkeys are more secure than passwords as they contain a cryptographic key pair stored on the user's device.

TikTok cannot access the private key, making passkeys resistant to data breaches and social engineering.

Users must have the latest iOS version, enable iCloud Keychain, and switch on two-factor authentication for their Apple ID to use passkeys on TikTok.

Passkey support will initially roll out in select regions and expand to other locations and operating systems in the future.

TikTok users can activate the passkey login option by accessing Settings and Privacy, selecting Account, and tapping iCloud passkey in the app's Menu.