Huawei P60 Pro has Landed in the European Market 

By: Rahul Bhagat

The Huawei P60 Pro, equipped with the XMAGE imaging system, has landed in the European market and is leading in mobile imaging capabilities.

The P60 Pro was unveiled at a product launch conference in Munich, Germany, alongside other smart products like the Mate X3 and the WATCH 4 series.

Professional photographer Costin Mocanu shared his positive experience with the Huawei P series smartphones, praising the P60 Pro's amazing imaging capabilities.

Olympic champion Mo Farah endorsed Huawei's wearable products, particularly the WATCH 4 Pro, as a great asset for training and competitions.

The P60 Pro won the TIPA Award, reflecting its powerful imaging capabilities and receiving recognition from the European market.

DXOMARK, a professional evaluation organization, ranked the Huawei P60 Pro as the top mobile phone in the world for imaging performance.

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