Rahul Bhagat

Spotify's AI Song Clean-Up: Tackling Fake Streaming

 Spotify recently removed "tens of thousands" of AI-generated tracks from its platform in an effort to combat artificial streaming.

Universal Music, a major record label, noticed suspicious streaming activity on Boomy, a platform that uses AI technology to generate music tracks. 

The removal of these songs was necessary to address the widespread use of fraudulent practices like artificial streaming.

Spotify has confirmed the removal of some content from Boomy and expressed its commitment to fighting fraudulent practices in the music industry.

The music industry faces challenges related to the increasing number of songs uploaded daily to streaming platforms and the manipulation of playback data.

Boomy, in collaboration with its music industry partners, is working on finding a solution to the problem of artificial streaming.

Artificial streaming is a widespread issue that poses a significant threat to the music industry, potentially costing billions of dollars in lost royalties annually.