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Facebook launches ‘send location’ feature on messenger

Jun 5, 2015, 5:34 am

Facebook Messenger introduced a new feature in its Messenger app- now users can send their location map within the chat box. If you like to share a map of your current location or the location where you currently not present at the time of conversation just tap More or the location pin at the bottom of your screen.

Want to let your friends know in which restaurant you are or where to meet just search for the restaurant or the place and share the map with your friends with a single tap. You can also share your current location by sending a map so that your friends get an idea of how far you from them.

According to Facebook, users will have full control of whether to share their location information or not – if they have enabled their location service. This is not a mandatory feature- sending information is the sole choice of the users.

Facebook claims they will not collect location information if users have not enabled their location services in their app. The company states Messenger does collect data about your location information from your device in the background.

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