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Mercury transit in 2019 to be the last in this decade

Astronomy-enthusiasts are in for a rare treat today as the Mercury journeying across the Sun will be clearly observable from the Earth today. A transit is when a planet or a satellite passes between the Sun and the Earth. The occurrence of Mercury passing through between the Earth and the Sun happens only a handful […]

Russian scientists develop new micro vacuum cleaner to clean nano-particles from air

The earth is facing life-threatening catastrophe mainly due to the unprecedented climate change. All-Around alertness globally has prompted scientists and environmentalists to explore ways and come up with a solution on how to fix this on a global level. In the arena of technology and new inventions, the scientists are trying their best to come […]

Volcanic chain forced to dormancy due to Pacific Ocean plate tectonic shifts

Geologist, Jonny Wu from the University of Houston, USA, has discovered a 50 million years ago a chain of volcanoes that lasted for 10 million years between Northeast Asia and Russia were forced into a period of dormancy. 10 million years later when the volcano revived the radiogenic isotopes within the magma were noticeably different. […]

Smartphone app will detect norovirus, the ‘cruise ship’ microbe

Norovirus is effectively found on the cruises and ships. They are infamous for causing viral diseases in a huge number. The research team is working on a simple yet effective way to fight the norovirus. Researchers have finally found a way to detect this virus. They have proposed to use a smartphone-based portable device to […]

Russia will launch its first floating nuclear reactor station

Russia is all set to launch the world’s first floating nuclear station and will send it to a grand journey across the Arctic region. This particular project is quite ambitious for the country. However, the environmentalists pointed out the possibility of the region being in serious trouble. The 144-meter long floating nuclear reactor is named […]

UCLA showed how AI can be used to diagnose breast cancer accurately

UCLA researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system which can diagnose breast cancer more accurately. The study was published in JAMA Network Open, and its authors are Ezgi Mercan of Seattle’s Children Hospital, Sachin Mehta and Linda Shapiro of the University of Washington, Jamen Bartlett of Southern Ohio Pathology Consultants and Donald Weaver of the […]

The Ministry of Science and Technology is looking into 6G commercialization

After the commercialization of 5G, the Ministry of Science and ICT is looking forward to commercializing 6G technology. The Ministry of Science and ICT has also applied for a feasibility study for the same. The Ministry of Science and Technology requested the Evaluation Division of Science and Technology Innovation Headquarters for a 6G R & […]

Newly discovered molecules can entrap cancer stem cells

The doctors, so far, do not have an answer to the deadly question of cancer. Either the surgical removal of tumors or the use of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is not the ultimate answer to cancer. There still remains the source of the recurrence. This recurrence is due to the cancer stem cells which remain hidden […]

A new study sheds light on the question of the origin of life

The question of who or what came first still persists to this day. Was it the chicken or the egg? The simple question then leads to a more complex question about the origin of life itself. A new study at University College London may be able to shed some light on it and bring us […]

The first image of a black hole: The most mysterious thing in the Universe

Astronomers have revealed the first picture of a black hole. It is one of the star-devouring monsters that is scattered throughout the universe and obscured by impenetrable shields of gravity. These mighty and massive monsters are spread across galaxies and have a gravitational field so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape. What is […]

IBM’s machine learning tech could predict Alzheimer’s risk in individuals

Brain Awareness Week, which occurs every March, is a global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. And today, a research paper has been published that discusses how a set of proteins in the blood might possibly give an indication of later-to-come Alzheimer’s disease in an individual. In a […]

Technology developed to provide temporary night vision to mammals

It is known that the human eye can see only lights with wavelengths in the range of 400 and 700 nanometers among the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Ever wished to have a visionary capability that goes beyond the human eye’s observable range? It seems like that wish might not be too good to be true anymore, […]