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Top mobile app development technologies required by professions in future

Internet usage has been seeing an ever-increasing rise since the last decade and the top factor that influences it is the technology used by mobile app development companies. Professions such as engineering, medical, education, etc. will all start engaging in the newest forms of interactive mobile apps.  Every app development company aims at making accessible, […]

The Impact of EVs on the Grid of the Future

It seems that this year’s Geneva Motor Show was all about electrification, as automotive brands are shifting their focus to more eco-friendly cars that are in line with impending EU emission laws. Suspending the driverless concept craze and far-reaching tech, the 89th edition of the Motor Show featured a number of realistic electric car models […]

Ford envisions future delivery robot ‘Digit’ to your doorsteps

You can’t underestimate science and technology. Anytime you might see a robot delivering parcel at your doorstep, and that’s exactly the future envisioned by Ford. Ford, in collaboration with startup Agility Robotics, is in a joint research project that will test how a two-legged robot, named ‘Digit’ and a self-driving vehicle can work together to […]

7 Most significant video game trends for this year

2018 was the year of VR and AR but what about 2019? How can we characterize the future of video games? Trends come and go and each of them influences the sphere and users’ behavior. Read on to find out the most significant trends for this year. Since video gaming is a significant part of […]

IoT Trends and Technologies 2020 – The Future

What is IoT? IoT (Internet of Things) is a creative computerization framework which explores organizing, networking of enormous information and artificial intelligence to deliver finish frameworks for an item or administration. These frameworks permit more unusual candor, control, and execution when connected to any industry or framework. IoT frameworks have applications crosswise over ventures through […]

Elon Musk unveils his previously proposed underground tunnel to beat the LA traffic

Elon Musk unveiled the first tunnel completed by the underground transit venture, which he proposed two years ago, on Tuesday as a substitute for LA’s swarming traffic. He gave a 30-minute presentation highlighting the 1.83 km tunnel developed by the Boring Company. He also showed a video of an elevator station which will carry passengers […]

5 Smart skills to ensure assured long-term success in your tech career

You may already have the conventional skills set required for your job. But it will not hurt to acquire more considering how fast the world is changing. The reality is, although you can count on fundamental skills to always be useful, for competitiveness, it is crucial to acquire skills that are necessary for you to […]

Cloud storage, virtual reality, cryptocurrency and the future of enterprises

Technology is a fascinating thing. The more time passes, the advancements in the field of technology come at a faster pace. It seems like it was only yesterday when smartphones were launched and became popular. In today’s time, you can do so much more with a smartphone than just look at an LCD screen with […]

3 Ways iOS app development will change in the next five years

Ever since Steve Jobs released that first iPhone on June 29, 2007, I think to myself every year, whoa, this has got to be the most amazing time in smartphone development ever! And, every year, I am correct. Most likely, the next five years will follow the same trajectory. Though there is no doubt that […]