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Nike to stop selling its products on Amazon, breaking up with ecommerce giant

The sportswear brand, Nike is apparently breaking up with Amazon Ecommerce that began in 2017. The athletic brand will stop selling its sneakers and apparel directly on Amazon’s website the company confirmed. This is done by the company as part of its push to sell more directly to consumers. Launched in 2017 Nike agreed to […]

Amazon adds movie tickets booking option to its site and app

Amazon is now going to sell online movie tickets in India after partnering up with the local online movie ticket seller BookMyShow. Amazon officially announced its new venture on November 2nd. The eCommerce platform said that it will introduce a booking option on both Amazon India shopping sites and the app. Amazon is an America […]

The US regulators have opened an antitrust investigation against Amazon

According to the latest rumors, the Antitrust Authority has announced that it has launched a new investigation against Amazon and its dominant position. The preliminary investigation was launched on 10 April 2019 against various companies of Jeff Bezos. The aim would be to verify the extremes of abuse of the platform’s dominant position. Amazon: a […]

Relay One: An easy platform accepting any form of payments across the globe

Relay is an API for stores to publish their products and for apps to read them which was prior to this difficult. Now Relay brings its latest product in the Relay family – Relay One. It is supposed to be a simple solution for online eCommerce platforms, and independent sites enabling users to accept payment […]

How to reduce eCommerce cart abandonment rate using web push notifications

eCommerce is the buzzword of the modern day. With the extensive use of the internet, the possibility of eCommerce has broadened. This becomes an integral part of the business because of its accessibility and ease of use. It is always the wish of the retailers that more people would complete the purchase. But the shoppers […]

UPS and Inxeption team up to build Inxeption Zippy for B2B sales

In order to accelerate the digitalization of business eCommerce adoption and entry of facilitating merchants, United Parcel Service (UPS), the American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company, has collaborated with Inxeption, the industrial-strength eCommerce platform, to build a blockchain-based eCommerce platform for business-to-business (B2B) sales. This integrated platform would be known as Inxeption […]

Web 2.0 – Woostroid2: Biggest Change in WooCommerce World

In the following post, we will be offering you a quick review on what WooStroid WooCommerce theme is all about. Much like other WooCommerce themes, WooStroid turns out to be a useful flagship product. And I must say, the idea seems on gaining popularity at lightning speed – all thanks to its responsive nature, SEO, […]

Top 20 quality Shopify themes you can try for your eCommerce store

So, you decided to start an online Shopify store. This is a great solution if you want to boost your conversion and we are going to help you make up your mind. This blog post showcases 20 cool Shopify templates for all kinds of businesses. We guess you already know that ready-made consulting website templates […]

China’s launches to sell products via Google Express, China’s second-largest online shopping service, has begun selling some of its goods via a Google eCommerce platform in the U.S., Google Express, a tie-up that offers both sides a chance to expand their virtual retail reach. The online retailer is now preparing to set up a storefront on Google’s platforms. is now […]

Amazon Day for its prime members to pick a date of delivery

There are so many pre-scheduled days of the year like the chocolate day, the recently gone Valentine ’s Day even the upcoming Women’s day and amongst all these days Amazon wants to add another day in the schedule; the Amazon Day.  Perks of being a Prime member, Amazon will now allow its prime members to […]

Amazon has launched Project Zero to deal with counterfeit products

Amazon has announced its long-awaited Project Zero to counter-attack counterfeits. Amazon always aims at pleasing the customers and providing them with an excellent experience and delivering original products from the brands. Amazon will be combining its technological prowess with the brand’s own knowledge about their intellectual property to detect counterfeit products. The platform will be […]

Amazon India is withdrawing products to fulfill compliance requirement

Specific new rules related to eCommerce have recently been implemented by the Modi government in India which has prompted eCommerce giant, Amazon, to pull many of its products off its site. The withdrawal, started late this Thursday. This includes products like Echo speakers, batteries and floor cleaners, with a source claiming, “The company has no […]