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Google makes RCS chat Android’s primary texting platform in the US

Google rolled out its own Rich Communication Services (RCS) on Android as its primary texting platform to Android users. With RCS on Android, you can chat over Wi-Fi or mobile data, send and receive high-resolution photos and videos, and see if people have received your latest messages. Google is actually making RCS chat Android’s primary […]

Google Stadia to launch on November 19 with some missing features

Google is all set to become a game company, one with its very own console, controller, and distribution platform for the latest triple-A games. But as that AMA reveals, Google Stadia will be missing some key features on launch day; those will start rolling out as soon as one week after launch. As revealed by […]

Google Translate is integrated into Maps to translate directions abroad

Google has merged two of its most demanded services for people traveling abroad: Google Translate and Google Maps. Before the end of the month, when we travel to a foreign country and put an address or a place where we want to go, an icon of a loudspeaker will automatically appear, which will translate both […]

Google introduces Project Nightingale to analyze millions of health records

With the purchase of Fitbit, Google accessed a huge database on user health. But the giant’s attempts to become a medical assistant do not end there. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has an initiative called ‘Project Nightingale‘ in which it seeks to organize the medical data of millions of users. The initiative began […]

Google Photos menu version 4.30 gets redesigned bottom for Android app

Across the years, Google Photos has become a popular app on both Android and iOS. It offers a bunch of useful features backed by Google’s machine learning algorithms. This makes it easier to organize your photos and videos. Spotted in September, Google Photos for Android is now widely rolling out a redesigned bottom which makes […]

Google Nest Mini smart speaker launched in Brazil

Last month Google Nest Mini smart speaker was announced as an upgrade to 2017’s Google Home Mini. The Nest Mini looks nearly identical to the Google Home Mini, except it comes with improved speakers and an included wall mount. It comes in four color variants: black, light gray, coral, and light blue. Now Google plans […]

Google strategy to cast image support to chrome shared clipboard

Google already came up with the facility to sync your Chrome bookmarks, browsing history and preferences between devices. Chrome’s usefulness increased when it began integrating a native clipboard sharing capability called Shared Clipboard in September. In its previous update, the feature was only capable of sharing plain text, including URLs, between devices. Moreover, now, further updates […]

Google Cardboard open-source project released for developers

Google announced on Wednesday about its decision to release the Cardboard open-source project with the intention of making third-party developers add their expertise to the platform. “Today, we’re releasing the Cardboard open source project to let the developer community continue to build Cardboard experiences and add support to their apps for an ever increasing diversity […]

Google Pixel 4 and XL smartphones come with radar tech motion sense

New Google Pixel 4 and XL smartphones have been announced. Both the smartphones are equipped with a 90Hz OLED display and a Snapdragon 855 chipset. These phones have Motion Sense which is a unique feature that enables the user to locate the device through gestures. This feature works with radar technology. Google Pixel 4 XL […]

Google Canary update provides a reminder for Incognito Mode

Most users take the Incognito Mode on their Google Chrome browser so to maintain their web browsing history and cookies as a secret from others using the same device. Each time you enter Google’s Incognito Mode, a message comes up on the screen saying, “Now you can browse privately, and other people who use this […]

Google officially publishes its paper on “quantum hegemony”

There was a rumor going around that Google is working on its quantum supremacy paper and the news was also leaked regarding Google’s new initiative. After almost a month of this incident, today, Google finally published its official paper on “quantum hegemony” in the scientific journal ‘Nature”. With this, Google has achieved a huge milestone […]

How Google Analytics introspects business growth and boosts performance

Do you find it complicated to use Google analytics? Don’t worry!! You are not alone in this race… understand its importance in your business… There are a lot of things that you can learn from Google Analytics data. It gives all the profitable insights that can help you to grow your business. For instance, if […]