Indian students make the world’s 1st anti-pollution mask with asthma dose

Indian students from Manav Rachna Institute of Research and Studies have made the country proud by winning the Microsoft Imagine Cup Asia semifinals with a reward of USD 15,000. The competition offers students a chance to earn both cash and mentorships under the program. This time around, three students from the Manav Rachna Institute of […]

Samsung initiates for Healthy Vertical Farming by putting the planet first

Since the announcement of the Samsung Environmental Declaration in 1992, Samsung has implemented a variety of environmentally responsible policies and technology that have made its industry-leading innovations more eco-friendly and sustainable. And now the company opts for Healthy Vertical Farming by putting the planet first. Samsung Electronics has taken specific proactive steps to reduce its […]

Amazon envisions a net zero carbon shipments by 2030

Amazon which is one of the leading online retailer companies is looking out for our planet which currently is in dire need of looking after environment wise. To sustain the environment whichever way possible, Amazon has introduced many innovative programmes such as Frustration-Free Packaging, Ship in Own Container, solar and wind farms, solar center rooftops, […]

Samsung takes a step forward under its sustainability policy to reduce plastic usage

Samsung Electronics takes a step forward into reducing the use of plastic for protecting the environment. Today it announced its plans of utilizing environmentally sustainable material in place of plastic packaging material. Samsung, from the first half of 2019 itself, the packaging used at present will be replaced by environmentally sustainable materials like recycled/bio-based plastics […]

Brighter horizons – what’s next for solar power?

Opinions are divided on the subject of the future of solar power. It is not uncommon to have scientists and specialists debating the possible outcomes of a solar energy boom, like the one we are currently experiencing in the industry. The rate at which solar costs have fallen and technology for sustainable energy has increased […]

Great Lakes researchers launch pilot project to detect meteotsunami waves

Observed in water bodies like bays, gulfs, and lakes, Meteotsunamis are the storm-driven waves that partially resemble the tsunamis that generate earthquakes. Great Lakes scientists have started working on an experimental network of air-pressure sensors to detect the threatening eteotsunamis. The project is being funded by the University of CIGLR (Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes […]

Scientists identify the key research questions regarding the harmful effects of chemicals

Chemicals are very harmful to our environment especially those chemicals released into the environment by human activity. The side-effects include biodiversity loss, increased natural hazards, threats to food, water, and energy security; negative impacts on human health and degradation of environmental quality. An international study published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry involving scientists from the […]

Microsoft and National Geographic announce Earth innovation grant partnership

Microsoft has collaborated with National Geographic to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for advancing research and exploration on key environmental challenges. To begin with, the USD 1 million AI for Earth Innovation Grant programme will back the award recipients with financial assistance, accessing Microsoft cloud and AI tools, being included in the National Geographic Explorer community. […]

MIT team combines recreation with urban stormwater flooding solution

Storm-water flooding in cities is exacerbated by urban infrastructure as a corollary, cities are in great need of new strategies to manage the influx of stormwater. MIT with a team of engineers and urban planners brings a solution, multifunctional urban storm-water wetland, and pond that will effortlessly manage and clean the storm-water with conservational and recreational […]

Monarchs of the butterfly world endangered by rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels

ANN ARBOR – A recently discovered threat in a new study conducted at the University of Michigan shows that monarch butterflies are facing a possible threat by the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Milkweed plants that act as hosts for these majestic insects are rapidly losing their medicinal properties due to the […]

Antarctica’s ice loss at an accelerating rate, increasing global sea levels by 0.12 inch

Antarctica’s shedding has increased at an accelerated rate. Since 2012, the Antartica ice loss has tripled thus increasing global sea level by 0.12 inch (3 millimeters) in that timeframe alone. Satellites monitoring the state of the White Continent assessed that around 200 billion tones have been lost to the ocean as a result of melting. According […]

Google celebrates World Ocean Day by releasing a documentary on high seas in VR

What can be better than to explore the realities surrounding our ocean bodies as a token of the celebration of the World Oceans Day? Putting the spotlight on earth’s most important natural resources and unique ecosystems, NASA Earth invites all to get to know our oceans better, and the challenging realities facing them. Virtual reality […]