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Microsoft to launch Shazam4Nature to protect the biodiversity

Microsoft will launch the new Shazam4Nature, an initiative to look after and preserve biodiversity. According to the Microsoft website, they plunged into action following the report by the World Biodiversity Council (IPBES) which reported the deteriorating condition of flora and fauna almost on the verge of extinction. Shazam4Nature was created at the EarthLab by Microsoft […]

Searing heatwave to continue in Europe: Record-breaking temperatures forecasted

How’s the heat in Europe? June and July haven’t been pleasant months for Europe. With much of the continent being swept in a torrid heat wave, people are looking forward to a respite from the heat. But with the temperatures rising up to 44.3 degrees Celsius in France’s southern Vaucluse region, the picture is far […]

New study shows spraying new ice over Antarctica may battle rising sea levels

In the wake of the threatening results of the inevitable climate change, a new study has shown a new path regarding how the coastal cities may be saved from the rising sea levels. climate change, a new study has shown a new path regarding how the coastal cities may be saved from the rising sea […]

Ajit Gokhale discovered a new method for the eco-recycling of greywater

Ajit Gokhale found a way of reviving greywater and turning it into drinkable water. A childhood visit to his grandmother’s house and a visit to the Kulaba fort in 1996 gave him the idea of cleaning greywater. After doing his Ph.D. in Plant Physiology, Gokhale joined Ion Exchange India Limited. He was associated with the […]

NASA maps the quakes in California showing the surface displacement

Southern California was hit with two massive earthquakes back to back on 4th and 5th July. The two earthquakes bore the magnitude of 6.4 and 7.1 on the Richter scale respectively. The impact of the earthquakes and the damage that followed were so huge that it could be seen from space. The epicenter of the […]

LG reforest the Alto Tajo Natural Park, in Spain with 1.5 million indigenous trees

The Alto Tajo Natural Park has recovered 1.5 million trees thanks to the application of innovation in science and technology in the reforestation works, through the use of a drone, intelligent seeds of native species and LG technology. The reforestation work of the Alto Tajo Natural Park has taken place over several months, and more than a year in research […]

India currently facing its highest heatwave ecosystem in three decades

Summer is running longer this time than before. Due to which news of the death of many people came Apart from this, problems of water have arisen, thousands of tourists are going to the hill areas for relief from the heat, but this time the temperatures are also high in these areas. The temperature has […]

Ford recycles plastic bottles for making its auto parts

Ford is endeavoring to diminish its carbon impression by reusing plastic jugs and utilizing them to make vehicle parts. The automaker utilizes a normal of 300 reused bottles for each vehicle, generally 1.2 billion plastic jugs for every year, to make the underbody shields for the majority of their autos and SUVs just as the […]

Indian students make the world’s 1st anti-pollution mask with asthma dose

Indian students from Manav Rachna Institute of Research and Studies have made the country proud by winning the Microsoft Imagine Cup Asia semifinals with a reward of USD 15,000. The competition offers students a chance to earn both cash and mentorships under the program. This time around, three students from the Manav Rachna Institute of […]

Samsung initiates for Healthy Vertical Farming by putting the planet first

Since the announcement of the Samsung Environmental Declaration in 1992, Samsung has implemented a variety of environmentally responsible policies and technology that have made its industry-leading innovations more eco-friendly and sustainable. And now the company opts for Healthy Vertical Farming by putting the planet first. Samsung Electronics has taken specific proactive steps to reduce its […]

Amazon envisions a net zero carbon shipments by 2030

Amazon which is one of the leading online retailer companies is looking out for our planet which currently is in dire need of looking after environment wise. To sustain the environment whichever way possible, Amazon has introduced many innovative programmes such as Frustration-Free Packaging, Ship in Own Container, solar and wind farms, solar center rooftops, […]

Samsung takes a step forward under its sustainability policy to reduce plastic usage

Samsung Electronics takes a step forward into reducing the use of plastic for protecting the environment. Today it announced its plans of utilizing environmentally sustainable material in place of plastic packaging material. Samsung, from the first half of 2019 itself, the packaging used at present will be replaced by environmentally sustainable materials like recycled/bio-based plastics […]