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Virtual Universe Machine may explore unknown facts regarding the universe

The unanswered questions of our existence in this universe, and how this universe actually came into being, and how the galaxies evolve over time- these questions have been puzzling, to say the least. We are far away from reaching a conclusion pertaining to these queries. However, we may be a step closer to unraveling these […]

NASA’S Curiosity rover stumbles on ‘Strathdon’ – a boulder-sized rock

It has been seven years that NASA Curiosity has landed over Mars, and since then it has traveled a total of 13 miles (21 km) and ascended 1,207 feet (368 meters) to its current location. In July, Curiosity took detailed images of “Strathdon,” a rock made of dozens of sediment layers. For several past months, […]

NASA partners 13 US companies for Moon to Mars mission

Today, NASA announced it had selected 13 US companies with 19 partnerships for its Moon to Mars mission. NASA Moon to Mars mission is expected to kick off by 2024 with the Artemis program. We’ve identified technology areas NASA needs for future missions, and these public-private partnerships will accelerate their development so we can implement […]

Apple iPhone 11 Limited Edition with advanced triple camera

Apple will likely introduce three new iPhone 11 (iPhone XI) models in September 2019. Experts opine that the most remarkable change will be the much-discussed triple camera system. However, the Russian smartphone manufacturer Caviar has decided not to wait for Apple to release the new model officially. Caviar, known for their exclusive mobile devices which […]

US celebrating 50th anniversary of Armstrong and Aldrin stepping on moon

Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of man’s first landing on moon. On July 20, 1969, first spaceflight – Apollo 11- landed on the lunar surface at 20:17 UTC with Commander Neil Armstrong, Pilot Michael Collins, and Pilot Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and Armstrong and Aldrin became the first humans in history to set foot on the […]

SpaceX Starship could re-transport humans to the moon within just a few years

SpaceX founder Elon Musk reportedly announced in a Time interview that took place on July 12 and was published on July 18, that SpaceX Starship spacecraft could re-transport humans to the surface of the moon within just a few years’ time. He has estimated 2023 to be the year when SpaceX vehicles could reach for […]

NASA’s next spicy plan to grow Española chile pepper in space

NASA is all set to make space a little spicier. As the plan goes – researchers are trying to grow fruiting plant at the International Space Station. Researchers at NASA are working hard to launch Española chili pepper plants (Capsicum annuum), into space. It could be the first fruit that is grown and harvested in […]

NASA maps the quakes in California showing the surface displacement

Southern California was hit with two massive earthquakes back to back on 4th and 5th July. The two earthquakes bore the magnitude of 6.4 and 7.1 on the Richter scale respectively. The impact of the earthquakes and the damage that followed were so huge that it could be seen from space. The epicenter of the […]

SpaceX bags contract to launch IXPE for astrophysics mission

SpaceX wins a contract from NASA to launch Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer or IXPE that will help the researcher and scientists to study polarized light from sources like pulsar wind nebulae and supermassive black holes for more intricate observations. As per NASA, it has collaborated with Space X to launch Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) […]

Hubble and Spitzer reveals the chemical “fingerprint” of GJ 3470 b’s atmosphere

Two NASA space telescopes have joined hands together to identify the detailed chemical “fingerprint” of a planet which, in terms of its size, falls somewhere between the Earth and Neptune. One of such planets, named Gliese 3470 b aka GJ 3470 b, has a large rocky core underneath a hydrogen-and-helium atmosphere. The planet is larger […]

NASA marks 12 projects, to explore the lunar surface ahead of 2024 moon mission

As per reports, NASA is getting an assist from ESA’s Heracles rover, which will scout the lunar surface for possible landing sites as it collects samples to send back to Earth on NASA’s Orion spacecraft. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced its intention of sending humans back to that orbiting rock, and […]

NASA successfully launches the test-flight for the Orion capsule on 2nd July

NASA’s next crewed spaceship, Orion capsule conducted a safety test on the 2nd July morning. This flight test was crucial to the actual launch of the spaceship. The entire event is streamed online and interested people can watch the entire event unfolding live at or directly through NASA’s website. The lift-off took place at […]