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ISRO gets success in entering into Lunar orbit: Chandrayaan 2 updates

Indian Space Research Organisation, popularly known as ISRO had attempted to put Chandrayaan 2 into lunar orbit today precisely at 9 am and had a successful insertion process. ISRO Chairman K. Sivan has updated the status of Chandrayaan 2 through a live media conference today. He informed the media that the lunar orbit insertion maneuver […]

Russia plans to send its first humanoid robot to International Space Station

A US Newsweek website report indicates Russia’s first attempt of launching a humanoid robot into space for the first time in the Roscosmos history. Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities, commonly known as Roscosmos revealed its plan to land on the Moon with robots back in 2016. It recently shared its future plans and the […]

Virtual Universe Machine may explore unknown facts regarding the universe

The unanswered questions of our existence in this universe, and how this universe actually came into being, and how the galaxies evolve over time- these questions have been puzzling, to say the least. We are far away from reaching a conclusion pertaining to these queries. However, we may be a step closer to unraveling these […]

NASA’S Curiosity rover stumbles on ‘Strathdon’ – a boulder-sized rock

It has been seven years that NASA Curiosity has landed over Mars, and since then it has traveled a total of 13 miles (21 km) and ascended 1,207 feet (368 meters) to its current location. In July, Curiosity took detailed images of “Strathdon,” a rock made of dozens of sediment layers. For several past months, […]

ISRO receives the first customer for its commercial wing, the NSIL

Spaceflight, a couple of days ago, announced that they have started a ride-sharing scheme for its space rockets. So far Spaceflight has helped ISRO in sending over 100 spacecraft to orbits. These spacecraft were mounted on Spaceflight rockets. This April ISRO launched 21 satellites for Spaceflight in its PSLV C-45 mission including 20 Flock-4a satellites […]

Rocket Lab plans to reuse rockets by catching them mid-air with helicopter

A US-based company Rocket Lab has announced its plans to make its rockets reusable. Rocket Lab has announced at the Small Satellite Conference in Utah to make the first stage of its Electron rocket reusable in a significant development for the smallsat launcher market. The grand goal here is if we can capture the vehicle […]

SpaceX announces ridesharing for small satellites on Falcon 9

SpaceX announced a ridesharing program form small satellites which would allow companies to get a seat on the Falcon 9 rocket. The companies sharing the ride would have to pay a $2.25 million fee to get a ride on the Falcon 9, and the payment would let them load a payload of up to 150 […]

ISRO marks 10 companies to transfer the lithium-ion technology

The Indian Space research Organisation is thinking about transferring its Lithium-ion cell technology to other companies so that the technology is used for the benefit of this country’s development. The Lithium-ion has a wide range of usages ranging from electronics to aerospace technology. ISRO has chosen ten companies for the transfer of its Lithium-ion cell […]

ISRO to set up liaison unit in Moscow ahead of 2022 Gaganyaan human space program

ISRO is setting up a liaison office in Moscow ahead of ISRO’s 2022 Gaganyaan human space program. In order to have a successful manned space mission, ISRO needs to work out a lot of things technology-wise. Moscow could help ISRO in developing the key technologies for the specialized facilities required to support life in space. […]

Mission ‘LightSail 2’ declared a success

In a teleconference held on Wednesday, members of the LightSail 2 team declared that the solar sailing mission was a success. The citizen-funded spacecraft is the highest performing solar sail to date and the first to demonstrate the ability to orbit the Earth in a controlled manner. This is a very exciting day for us […]

NASA partners 13 US companies for Moon to Mars mission

Today, NASA announced it had selected 13 US companies with 19 partnerships for its Moon to Mars mission. NASA Moon to Mars mission is expected to kick off by 2024 with the Artemis program. We’ve identified technology areas NASA needs for future missions, and these public-private partnerships will accelerate their development so we can implement […]

StarCraft Glory’s launch marks first successful rocket launch by a Chinese company

StarCraft Glory Space Technology Co., Ltd. successfully launched its ‘Curve One’ rocket onboard the “SQX-1 Y1” launch vehicle at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, China, on July 25 at 13:00 Beijing time, and delivered its the satellites and payloads to the scheduled 300-kilometer orbit with efficient accuracy. The “SQX-1 Y1” launch vehicle is a four-stage […]