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MediaTek launches intelligent i700 platform with boosted AI performance

MediaTek released its latest intelligent IoT i700 platform chip at the MediaTek AI Partner Conference held on July 10, in honor of the conference theme of “AI Life Creates the Future”. The MediaTek i700 platform, which has been described as a Bach architecture, boasts of delivering strong performance as it includes two 2.2GHz ARM Cortex-A75 […]

360OS new AI tech debuts at MWC 2019 Shanghai

360OS, the world’s leading OS intelligent ecosystem service provider, unveiled at MWC Shanghai 2019 takes OS+ as its strategy and brings new AI vision imaging technology and solutions. Including the industry’s first software that can rectify video face-changing on the mobile side, AI camera, body, fun, short video, and other innovative gameplay, providing a new […]

L’Oréal launches Virtual Makeup fitting on Amazon with AI

L’Oréal launches the first virtual makeup fitting on Amazon with ModiFace, L’Oréal’s global leader in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to this technology, Amazon users will, for the first time be able to virtually test beauty products by taking a video or selfie with their phone’s camera. Available on Amazon Web Services, the technology […]

Huawei launches world’s first AI cloud database product

Huawei released the world’s first artificial intelligence native (AI-Native) database, GaussDB, and the industry’s best-performing distributed storage, FusionStorage 8.0, on Wednesday, May 15. China-based Huawei is in making a serious foray into the enterprise business market after it has unveiled a new database management product putting it in direct rival with entrenched vendors like IBM, […]

What differentiates Robotics from AI?

Modern science and technology are very different from what it was a few decades ago. Fields like medicine and engineering have undergone drastic changes in their research process and inventions due to the influence of advancements in technology. While there has been a lot of scientific breakthroughs and inventions that have improved our daily lives, […]

How AI technology can improve Social Influencer Marketing

There’s no doubt that social influencer marketing continues to grow at an exponential rate across the globe, with sponsored posts on Instagram generating an estimated one billion likes in 2017 alone. When you also consider that this social media channel hit one billion active users in June of last year, there’s an incredible opportunity for […]

The U.S. Air Force’s Skyborg program to launch new AI autonomous drones

The U.S. Air Force wants to field autonomous drone prototypes through a program it’s calling Skyborg. A new initiative has taken by the Air Force which has asked the tech pioneers in the industry to provide their inputs about the program. The Skyborg is still under the process and planning to launch the program by […]

How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) be beneficial for business?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the leading technologies out there which is leaving a deep impact around everything today. It is transforming things in every field through effective innovation. AI is said to affect different kinds of businesses and improve functions through automation. However, there are people who are not happy with these technology advancements […]

New AI technique developed to predict symptoms in cancer patients

Artificial intelligence (AI) as a remedy for treatment has been springing up in hospitals and clinics around the world in both research and direct patient care settings. In the field of oncology, emerging AI technologies for medical applications and healthcare has started doing wonders as it can detect tumors, diagnose cancers, and even generate chemotherapy treatment […]

Artificial Intelligence in Retail – Could this actually be a blessing in disguise?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the tremendous power to shape up the retail stores. AI technology has already passed its infancy stage and now it is capable of dominating various industries of the market. The increase in the AI-based startups is proof for this. The AI startups have risen more than 1.8 Billion USD in the […]

IBM artificial intelligence loses against debate champion

With the boom of artificial intelligence, numerous arguments and theories about how machines will come to replace humans have arisen. However, several companies developing artificial intelligence projects have insisted on putting their machines to compete against humans, and although they have sometimes won the game, there have also been cases in which they have been defeated by […]

Portugal-based using NVIDIA powered AI solution for smarter forest management

Despite the statistics about the value of our natural resources, we are mostly going blind when it comes to resource’s current state and how to protect them. To combat the current climate change more effectively also feeding the overgrowing population, and protecting marine resources, we need to close that information gap and do so as soon as possible. […]