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Indian Railways to use AI facial recognition technology to identify criminals

Backed by artificial intelligence, Indian Railways is planning to enhance its security with the use of facial recognition technology. “CCTNS is the criminal database of Indian security agencies and we are planning to connect {it} with our FRS database through a bridge software” – an RPF official. This AI will help to identify criminals and […]

Microsoft’s AI tool to detect cases of cervical cancer

Microsoft has come up with an AI tool that can detect cases of cervical cancer faster than doctors. Microsoft partnered with SRL Diagnostics to co-create an AI Network for Pathology to ease the burden of cytopathologists and histopathologists in a test lab in India which could aid doctors in countries that have an overwhelming number […]

How AI and chatbot is helping to improve patient care

In today’s world of instant gratification, individuals need speedy arrangements and healthcare isn’t an exception. They would prefer not to hold up in long lines outside the center or medical clinic and they need a platform that keeps them updated on their issues. In this way, AI and AI-empowered chatbot for human services are coordinated […]

MIT researchers came up with self-assembling robotic cubes

MIT researchers first came up with its self-assembling “M-Block” robotic cubes back in 2013. Now this week, researchers shared the latest video named robotic cube M-Blocks 2.0. Researchers from Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)MIT, announced this latest development, they developed self-assembling robotic cubes dubbed M-Block 2.0. These robotic blocks are capable of climbing and rolling […]

New AI technique leads robots to the front door

In the future robots may be dispatched as last-mile delivery vehicles if only they could find the front door. Autonomous vehicles and robots could share sensor data to get better navigation of the world around them. MIT engineers have approaches for robotics using algorithms to guide a robot toward a specific goal or GPS coordinate on […]

Research: Turn your pets into GANimals with AI and NVIDIA

Have you ever imagined your cat having the majestic looks of a tiger? Or have you ever compared your pet dog to the other breeds? Well, it is now possible with the new AI venture that will help you in turning your pets into GANimals. NVIDIA researchers, in collaboration with Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), have […]

Huawei releases Atlas 900, world’s fastest AI training cluster

At the Huawei Connect 2019, the telecom giant announced its strategy for the computing market and released Atlas 900, the world’s fastest AI training cluster. The new AI training cluster will focus on four things, as mentioned by Huawei’s Deputy Chairman- to push the boundaries of architecture, invest in processors for all scenarios, keep clear […]

AI can now search for a parking spot using camera image data

Having autonomous driving cars with reliable visual functions has always been a difficult problem in technological development. Today, developers can create a monitoring system by combining various sensors. With this system, autonomous vehicles can “see” the surroundings of the vehicle better than human drivers. From photos to videos, the camera is the most accurate way […]

“Anywhere is Home”: LG talks about its AI-based plans for the future at the IFA 2019

At the inaugurating panel talk event at the IFA 2019, Dr. I.P. Park, President, and Chief Technology Officer of LG Electronics emphasized how the company is looking forward to developing AI further ultimately creating an ‘Anywhere is Home’ outside the boundaries of the home through the use of LG ThinQ. The panel included guest speakers […]

Tencent showcases AI instant interpretation technology at CSS 2019

Tencent’s 5th Internet Security Leadership Summit (CSS 2019) held in Beijing was a successful conference on the products of artificial intelligence technology innovation. The 5th conference was an efficient and successful conference that provided AI simultaneous interpretation services for the conference. The event was filled with many renowned guests from various Industries including president of […]

MediaTek launches intelligent i700 platform with boosted AI performance

MediaTek released its latest intelligent IoT i700 platform chip at the MediaTek AI Partner Conference held on July 10, in honor of the conference theme of “AI Life Creates the Future”. The MediaTek i700 platform, which has been described as a Bach architecture, boasts of delivering strong performance as it includes two 2.2GHz ARM Cortex-A75 […]

360OS new AI tech debuts at MWC 2019 Shanghai

360OS, the world’s leading OS intelligent ecosystem service provider, unveiled at MWC Shanghai 2019 takes OS+ as its strategy and brings new AI vision imaging technology and solutions. Including the industry’s first software that can rectify video face-changing on the mobile side, AI camera, body, fun, short video, and other innovative gameplay, providing a new […]