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Capcom reveals new details of Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Capcom just released a video with new details of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the expected expansion of Monster Hunter: World. The new images give an advance of confirmed subspecies monsters and allow a glimpse of the new meeting center in the Seliana barracks. A monster subspecies arrives at Iceborne offering extreme and twisted variations that […]

Resident Evil 3 HD Mod now available for download

No doubt Resident Evil 2 Remake was a success. The game was responsible for leveraging the franchise as a whole, as it lacked some attention after titles below the desired average. Through this new remake, Capcom has opened the door to explore any of the series. And all these thanks to the new formula turned […]

Synth Riders music game receives new tracks and improvements

The musical game Synth Riders, which continues in early access on PC, receives a new update that adds a new pack of free songs and integration with the fitness platform YUR, which allows mainly to know the calories we burn playing. Kluge, the developer of the title, also shares that they are developing a version […]

Fiverr now offers Fortnite and PUBG skill coaches

One of the largest portals dedicated to freelancers opens a Gaming section: in addition to tutors, there are also designers, programmers, and musicians. The growing popularity of the video game world has led to a decided expansion also by portals offering freelance services, which are increasingly devoting themselves to gaming by offering support for the […]

Amazon announced its latest initiative; a Lord of the Rings MMO

Amazon game studios have announced its latest development – a Lord of the Rings massively multiplayer online game in partnership with Leyou. It is an online multiplayer game based on the books by J.R.R. Tolkien which planned to be free-to-play for both PC and consoles. Amazon game studio that launched in 2012 has its studios […]

Avengers: Endgame directors tease Comic-Con surprises

The annual San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios is preparing for its splashy rollout aimed to bring quite a lot of surprises this fall. On Wednesday the Avengers: Endgame directors teased something intriguing regarding Comic-Con that is supposed to take place at the end of next week. Russo Brothers took to Twitter to post a video […]

Nintendo Switch Lite to come to markets in September as a cheaper alternative to original Switch

Nintendo today revealed the hand-held Nintendo Switch Lite, the less expensive alternative to the original Switch, and it will not contain detachable Joy-Con controllers and cannot be plugged into a TV via USB-C. The Nintendo Switch Lite costs US$200 which is $100 less than the original Switch. Featuring a 5.5-inch 720-pixel screen, the Switch Lite will […]

PUBG Mobile Season 8 beta is ready for download and play

PUBG Mobile Season 8 leaks have begun to come online when Tencent propelled beta help on Android and iOS. Indeed, even the main subtleties of PUBG Mobile Season 8 have started to seem on the web, even before the Season 7 end date. As indicated by the most recent reports, the new PUBG Mobile update […]

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall, a strategic RPG arriving for Android and iOS

“Game of Thrones” has already ended, but the developers of Behavior Interactive will complement the universe with the mobile game, Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall. According to the developers, gamers are waiting for a collectible strategic RPG in which players will lead the Night Watch castle. Events Beyond the Wall will unfold a couple […]

Tencent launches Chess Rush, the company’s own version of Auto Chess

Tencent, the world’s largest gaming company, and one of the biggest game publishers worldwide have come up with Chess Rush, Tencent’s own version of the Auto Chess. Auto Chess, which is extremely popular as of late, features a sort of automatic chess match, and has been offered not only by Epic Games but also by […]

PUBG Lite for PC launched in India today and is available for download

PUBG Lite is finally going to be launched in India on July 4th. Indian gamers will be able to access PUBG Lite from today. This game for PC was opened in India for registration last month. If you have registered for beta testing, you will get PUBG Lite game in India from 4th July i.e. […]

Nintendo releases Super Mario Maker 2 game with various new attractive features

Nintendo has released its Super Mario Maker™ 2 game with the Course Maker and Story Mode features on June 28. Starting today, you can play, create, and share the side-scrolling Super Mario™ courses of your dreams! Yep, that’s right – the Super Mario Maker™ 2 game is now available. – Nintendo Through Course Maker, the […]