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Facebook Pay payments let you transfer money within its applications

Facebook has announced a new mobile payment system Facebook Pay with which it seeks to facilitate the transfer of the money and purchase of products from its applications. Facebook has made official its intention to offer mobile payments or money transfer in its applications through Facebook Pay. The company announced its payment system that will […]

Facebook bug lets the phone camera open behind the news feed

Ever since its release, Facebook had many privacy and security issues and recently it seems like another major issue has been added to the list. A report has been made saying that a Facebook bug opens the camera of your phone behind your feed. A Facebook user, Joshua Maddux posted on Twitter saying that he […]

Facebook launches military and veterans hub ahead of Veterans Day

Companies are getting ready to thank the military on Monday, November 11, Veterans Day, for their service. Offerings range from free services to discounted times. Most of the specials are for veterans and active-duty military and are for one person. And almost all require valid identification. There are likely to be other restrictions, so visit […]

Facebook’s ‘catalogs’ on WhatsApp Business is best for small businesses

Product catalogs in WhatsApp Business app help people with small businesses to have a proper platform to showcase and share the information of their product with the customers; while customers can browse through the catalog items and also chat with authority as well without a need to visit a website. Do you want to start […]

Facebook is testing a beta gaming app to watch livestream and play games

Facebook had been trying for some time to increase its revenue through advertising and to build a game content creator community locally. For the fulfillment of this purpose, Facebook has rolled out an app in Thailand which allows its users to watch and play games. Thailand ranked amongst the top five countries to watch live […]

Mastercard, Visa, eBay backed out of Facebook’s cryptocurrency project

According to reports, Mastercard, Visa, eBay, and Stripe have backed out of Facebook’s Libra payments network putting Facebook’s formidable efforts in peril. The news comes just days after when PayPal backed out of the project and follows months of scrutiny from regulators worldwide. Facebook’s arranged to take over the world of cryptocurrency and online payments […]

Facebook to discontinue the group stories feature starting September 26

Last December, Facebook added a new feature called Group stories. Adding stories to profiles has become the norm of the day starting with Snapchat and Instagram. WhatsApp followed suit in its footsteps, soon the stories feature which disappears after 24 hours become a part of WhatsApp too. Facebook too had started the same feature on […]

Facebook is bringing new Portal, Portal Mini and Portal TV this November

Facebook announced today that they are expanding the way families connect with each other through introducing new models for the Portal from Facebook. The new models are named Facebook Portal, Portal Mini, and Portal TV. Portal Mini has an 8-inch HD display, and the Portal has a 10-inch HD display for video calls. The screens […]

Facebook is working on “Facebook Pay” transaction page

Recently, the enterprise arm of Globe Telecom Inc. has partnered with Facebook Inc. to offer Facebook pay payment solutions for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. It was announced that the social media giant will now allow payments through an Ad Creator, where online advertising may be paid through the company’s postpaid bill. It seems like […]

Signing keys for a Facebook Android app has been compromised

Recently, there was an issue regarding the compromise of the cryptographic key used by the Facebook Android apps for signing in. As a result, third parties are spotted re-using the keys online. This has become a major drawback for Facebook because it could bring serious damage to the app users as well as to the […]

Facebook gets update for ads on social issues, elections, and politics in U.S.

The U.S. elections will be held next year and Facebook is already getting ready for it. Today, Facebook has announced through a blog post that it will prepare for an update for the social platform. The update will be targeting the Ads which deal with social and political issues for the U.S. 2020 elections. As […]

Facebook might license publishers’ content in the News tab

Facebook is in discussion with prominent publishers like ABC News, Dow Jones, The Washington Post, and Bloomberg to license its content for a news-oriented section of the Facebook site. It is a strategical change for the social media giant where media houses would receive a nice licensing fee of $3 million. The Wall Street Journal […]