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Facebook to discontinue the group stories feature starting September 26

Last December, Facebook added a new feature called Group stories. Adding stories to profiles has become the norm of the day starting with Snapchat and Instagram. WhatsApp followed suit in its footsteps, soon the stories feature which disappears after 24 hours become a part of WhatsApp too. Facebook too had started the same feature on […]

Facebook is bringing new Portal, Portal Mini and Portal TV this November

Facebook announced today that they are expanding the way families connect with each other through introducing new models for the Portal from Facebook. The new models are named Facebook Portal, Portal Mini, and Portal TV. Portal Mini has an 8-inch HD display, and the Portal has a 10-inch HD display for video calls. The screens […]

Facebook is working on “Facebook Pay” transaction page

Recently, the enterprise arm of Globe Telecom Inc. has partnered with Facebook Inc. to offer payment solutions for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. It was announced that the social media giant will now allow payments through an Ad Creator, where online advertising may be paid through the company’s postpaid bill. It seems like Facebook is […]

Signing keys for a Facebook Android app has been compromised

Recently, there was an issue regarding the compromise of the cryptographic key used by the Facebook Android apps for signing in. As a result, third parties are spotted re-using the keys online. This has become a major drawback for Facebook because it could bring serious damage to the app users as well as to the […]

Facebook gets update for ads on social issues, elections, and politics in U.S.

The U.S. elections will be held next year and Facebook is already getting ready for it. Today, Facebook has announced through a blog post that it will prepare for an update for the social platform. The update will be targeting the Ads which deal with social and political issues for the U.S. 2020 elections. As […]

Facebook might license publishers’ content in the News tab

Facebook is in discussion with prominent publishers like ABC News, Dow Jones, The Washington Post, and Bloomberg to license its content for a news-oriented section of the Facebook site. It is a strategical change for the social media giant where media houses would receive a nice licensing fee of $3 million. The Wall Street Journal […]

Facebook restricts Microsoft and Sony from accessing user data

Time and again, Facebook has been accused of breaching user privacy by sharing sensitive data without user consent. But as a step on the positive side, Facebook has, following its settlement meeting with the US Federal Trade Commission, decided to stop allowing companies like Microsoft and Sony from accessing its user data. A report by […]

Facebook releases ‘Map with AI’ to map the unpaved roads

Facebook today released ‘Map with AI’, a map building tool to help the community-based OpenStreetMap organization to create crows-sourced maps easily. Facebook took two years of time to develop these tools, and now it will be available to the OpenStreetMap community members. The tool, RapidID is at the core of this program. This level of […]

Facebook will not launch Libra cryptocurrency until regulators’ approval received

On Monday as part of prepared testimony for a July 16th Senate hearing, David Marcus said that Facebook would not proceed with the launch of Facebook Libra cryptocurrency until regulatory concerns are addressed. The Libra Association, which will manage the (Libra) Reserve, has minimal intention of competing with any sovereign currencies or entering the monetary […]

Facebook to pay $5 billion fine over user privacy violation

An extensive investigation into Facebook’s privacy practices has led to the Federal Trade Commission vote on fining the social network company a hefty $5 billion.  The Wall Street Journal, in an article dated July 12, reported that The Federal Trade Commission has endorsed a roughly $5 billion settlement with Facebook Inc. over a long-running probe […]

U.S. asks Facebook to shut its crypto currency and digital wallet project

Regulatory agencies worldwide have been appealing to Facebook to comply with regulations. In a letter dated July 2, members of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services, Rep. Maxime Waters and Rep. Carolyn Maloney, have sent a letter requesting an agreement to a moratorium of activities related to Libra and Calibra, to Facebook […]

Facebook’s first major update of civil rights audit

Facebook issued the first major update of 2019 on the progress of its ongoing civil rights audit. Facebook is making an internal civil rights task force permanent, COO Sheryl Sandberg said in a blog post. The Facebook task force, chaired by COO Sheryl Sandberg, follows pressure from civil rights groups and minorities who say the […]