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Rahul Bhagat

Need of hour: Upgrade your gadgets with the latest ones

In today’s day and age, it isn’t uncommon to be surrounded by your favorite gadgets. These devices have evolved to play an integral role in day-to-day life, all thanks to their user-friendly features and capabilities. What was once just a phone is now a device that also allows you to interact via video, surf the […]

Most popular video games streamers and their impact on the gaming industry

Many world-known video games companies have started to struggle to advertise their products in the last couple of years. Average spendings for big brands on an annual basis in 2017 were over $36 billion. In other words, big corporations are spending almost 30% of their total net revenue on marketing. These numbers are high, but […]

The biggest e-sports tournaments in 2019

E-sports have been on a constant rise in popularity for the last decade, and judging by the interest for this branch, it is hardly going to go down in numbers. It doesn’t matter if you want to join the action for just a couple of hours and watch action-packed games played between world’s top professional […]

What is Fire Stick and how do you jailbreak it

If you are not aware of the terms Jailbreak and Fire TV Stick, then don’t worry because here in this tutorial I will apprise you about these terms with complete detail. After reading this article, you will surely get cleared about both Jailbreak and Fire TV Stick and will be left with no doubts. So very first, I […]

How to download and install GbWhatsapp for Android

WhatsApp one of the most widely and loved messaging app in the world used by billions. Everyone in our time from different age group spends some time on WhatsApp. People use the popular messaging app for checking someone’s status, or reading messages or sending pictures or videos. With the advent of WhatsApp, communication has become more simplified, and sharing […]

Huawei Mate 30 Pro case suggests it may receive Penta lens-camera

The Huawei P30 series is expected to appear at MWC 2019 at the end of February. But this will not be the only high-end smartphones the Chinese manufacturer will launch in 2019. In the second half of 2019, the Mate 30 series will be introduced, with the Mate 30 Pro being the flagship model. A […]

Oppo Limn trademark signals for possible foldable Tablet computer

The Chinese Oppo has put several surprising products on the market this year, including the Oppo Find X, a borderless smartphone with a pop-up camera. The company intends to show more innovations next year. For example, Oppo reportedly will display the first folding smartphone/tablet at MWC 2019. Oppo Limn, possible new tablet computer On December […]

Samsung smart sports shoes with AI sensors to be introduced in near future

Samsung has not yet launched smart shoes to date. However, the company announced the availability of Iofit smart shoes at the MWC 2016 two years ago. These smart shoes can be connected to a smartphone and specially designed for golfers. The Iofit shoes are developed by Salted Venture, a spin-off startup from Samsung’s Creative Lab. […]

Samsung Star 10 trademark requested: Will it be an accessory or a new model?

Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S10 series at the end of November. The new smartphones have to be groundbreaking, both in terms of functions and design. The new flagship models will be exhibited at MWC 2019. It is possible that Samsung will introduce an interesting product at this exhibition. Samsung Star 10 Samsung filed a […]

Top 4 benefits of using Blockchain technology for mobile apps

Blockchain technology is widely used by many mobile application users worldwide. The blockchain is now being accepted by many countries as the safest method of paying tax. Most mobile applications impress the use of blockchain technology. For example, LG, Microsoft, and Facebook have launched the use of blockchain technology in their enterprises. The use of […]

What is a Landing Page and why your business needs It?

What is a landing page? A landing page is the cornerstone of any self-respecting web marketing activity. It’s your showcase, it’s the page that users will be faced with as soon as they click on your ads on the web or on social networks. It is a fundamental tool and should be known to create […]

Factors to consider when choosing a smartphone for live streaming

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we live our lives. We can communicate via voice, video, text, images and instant messaging services. We can manage our social lives and keep in touch with distant friends and relatives through social media channels. We can organize and schedule our weekly activities. And we can entertain ourselves with countless […]