Microsoft announces new cloud services for AI and blockchain technology

Microsoft released new tools for software makers ahead of its software developer conference that is suppose to take place in Seattle next week. This is an enterprise service that is meant to help businesses build applications on top of blockchain technology and is integrated with Azure Active Directory which offers tools for adding new members, […]

Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18356 lets Android Apps run on Win10

Microsoft announced that today they will be releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18356 (19H1) to Windows Insiders in the First Ring. It comes with a lot of new updates and features. First, there is a new feature for the Your Phone app – phone screen. Using this feature, the users will be able to […]

Microsoft has been granted a patent that might develop an en route UAV delivery system

Microsoft has been granted a series of patents which can give way to potentially a new delivery system – an “En route product delivery” as described by Microsoft. This technique would permit product delivery to receive vehicles (that are on the way to a particular destination) by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). There are various procedures […]

Microsoft launches Surface series to 20 new markets

Last month, Microsoft Surface series, i.e., Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Studio 2 and Surface Headphones were launched across Asia for customers in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. Today Microsoft announced that they are bringing Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, and Surface Studio 2 to 20 new markets […]

Microsoft Azure Cost Management now released enterprise agreements

Most companies have already taken the step to the cloud following the path of digital transformation and immediately began to benefit from this entails. To carry out a correct digital transformation, it is essential to have well-planned planning, as well as being advised by technological consultancies specialized in this type of projects. Once the migration to the cloud and the […]

Microsoft brings new cross-platform Xbox Live to Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and more

At Game Developer Conference 2019, Microsoft is set to expand its cross-platform support for its Xbox Live online service to gamers on Android and iOS mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch. There are a few Microsoft games out there now that have support for Xbox Live across mobile devices, such as Minecraft that needs an […]

Microsoft introduces v1.0 of Project Rome SDK for Android and iOS

In a bid to make apps not restricted to just one single device, Microsoft has announced the availability of version 1.0 of Project Rome SDK for Android and iOS. Project Rome, or Remote Systems APIs, is a device-independent platform that helps build people-centric experiences across devices. It breaks down barriers across all Windows devices. On […]

Microsoft’s Surface lineup – Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 launched in India today

Microsoft expanded its surface lineup by launching Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 in India. The devices will be available for commercial and enterprise customers through authorized resellers. Both Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 initially debuted in New York last year with 8 gen Core processors. Both are more of an iterative […]

A survey by Spiceworks reveals the Microsoft Teams leap by 2020

Today, as the results announced by Spiceworks shows that there is a leap in the adoption of Microsoft team than its rival Slack.  Microsoft is multiplying to become the second biggest workplace app by 2020 as per by the survey. The findings come from a study of 900 IT companies distributed across the US and […]

Microsoft to soon replace Edge on Windows 10 with a Chromium-powered web browser

Last month as reported Microsoft was helping Google bring Chrome to Windows 10 on ARM computers. It was an attempt by Microsoft to bring their Visual Studio Code editor natively to these computers, as it’s built on Electron which requires Chrome. Recently as sources report, Microsoft is in the early stages of a project, codenamed “Anaheim”, […]

Microsoft’s Andromela Surface Phone is expected to see light early next year

Microsoft’s much chattered foldable Surface device, codenamed “Andromeda”, may hit the market in 2019. The tech company will surprise us with the innovative device with some interesting info regarding the hybrid’s functionality. According to a new book written by journalist and tech blog collaborator Brad Sams, ‘Beneath a Surface’ reveals Microsoft’s foldable phone is […]

Microsoft’s beta Android launcher for Cortana receives ‘Digital Health’ feature

Microsoft has added a “Digital Health” feature with Cortana support on the beta version of its Android launcher to enable users to track app usage. Windows Central reported this Wednesday that Microsoft’s launcher “Version 5.1” attempts to give users more control over how they interact with social media. And the ‘Digital Health’ feature is being […]