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Microsoft Windows 10 Calendar’s new update leaks

Microsoft has never failed to impress us with its new technologies and innovations. It has done it in the past and is continuing to do so. Microsoft’s unique grid home screen is still preferred by many. Recently, we got a hint that Microsoft had something new on its plate. According to a media report, Microsoft […]

Microsoft added new “Support a Creator” feature for Mixer before users join Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft announced in its official website that it has, with the Xbox Game Pass, started a new feature by which the Mixer Partners will receive $3 compensation for every new member who joins Xbox Game Pass and credits their channel with a code. The new Xbox Game Pass members or the existing ones who are […]

Microsoft is listening to your Xbox One voice commands

Privacy has become one of the key concerns of the internet savvy generation. Even though a lot of social media platforms claim that the privacy of the users is the main concern to them, recent news which comes out very often nowadays say otherwise. Violation of privacy has also lead to legal trouble for some […]

Microsoft patents for virtual volume control on a dual-display device

Microsoft wins a new patent that has more details about how the volume control user interface will look like and work on a foldable device. The new patent talks about the volume control that is not on the exterior of the device. The new patent grants for eliminating the physical buttons to control volume and […]

Xbox One S Youth Edition released; Xbox Elite Wireless Controller II to be released later

Microsoft China announced that it will bring new hardware and games to ChinaJoy this year. Apart from the release of the Xbox One S Youth Edition, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller II will also be released later this year. The National Bank Xbox One S Youth Edition will be released on 30th July and it […]

Microsoft patent unveils orientation-specific technology of its foldable phone

A new Microsoft patent application has come up which sheds light on the potential features of its foldable phone. Notably, the patent hints that the foldable phone can use a hardware-based orientation-specific actuator to control the operations. As per reports, the patent is titled ‘ORIENTATION SPECIFIC CONTROL’. Back in 2018, Microsoft filed it. And, taking […]

Microsoft announces Windows 1.0 – Not as new as you expected

Microsoft seems to be a bit nostalgic as the company has just unveiled in the official Windows account on Twitter that a new version of its operating system is being announced on this first day of July – Microsoft Windows 1.0. Although not as new as many expected. In the short video presentation we see […]

Microsoft is preparing for a Foldable Surface device with Android App

Microsoft is working on a foldable surface equipped with two screens. The PC was even the subject of a first demonstration internally. If the company has probably buried the idea of ​​releasing a foldable smartphone under Windows, it obviously continues to develop new alternatives and an update on the Centaurus project. For many years, Microsoft […]

Bill Gates admits that losing the Android market was “his biggest mistake”

Recently it was revealed that Microsoft would be ruled out in some way the possibility of continuing with the development of a Windows Phone operating system or the mobile version of Windows 10, and the latest statements by Bill Gates could confirm this movement and even explain why. In a discussion with Eventbrite co-founder and CEO Julia […]

Microsoft Xbox Two Project Scarlett revealed at E3

There have been rumors about a new Xbox and PS5 console for a long time. Although Sony released information about the new functionalities some time ago, it remained remarkably quiet from the Microsoft side. Until last week the E3 broke suspense in Los Angeles. Here the American manufacturer announced that Xbox Project Scarlett will be launched before Christmas 2020, together with […]

Microsoft Xbox All Access subscription is coming to Europe

This year in August, Microsoft introduced its Xbox All Access service in America. With this subscription, you get an Xbox One console, as well as access to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. For the time being this subscription is only available in the US. If successful, the concept would be rolled out to other countries, including […]

Microsoft E3 2019 highlights – 60 games with 34 games premiering on Xbox Game Pass

Phil Spencer took to the stage at Xbox’s E3 press conference to kick off 60 games in Los Angeles including 14 from Xbox studios and 34 games premiering on Xbox Game Pass. The company showed tons of games, an Xbox Game Pass program for PC and updated us about cloud gaming and new hardware. This […]