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Microsoft Hololens 2, a mixed reality headset launches at a price of $3500

Microsoft’s Mixed Reality headset, Hololens 2 is finally launched and ready to be shipped from November 8 after it was announced by the company earlier this year and it is meant for industrial companies and retails at price of $3500. The HoloLens 2 is going to be shipped in the US, France, Germany, Ireland, New […]

Microsoft confirmed Edge is coming to Linux

The new version of Microsoft Edge is already available on nearly every platform. The company now added Linux to that list. Microsoft already gave hints about Microsoft Edge debut to Linux. But now, Microsoft confirmed during a session this week at Ignite 2019. In an Ignite 2019 Session at Orlando named “State of the browser: Microsoft Edge”, […]

Microsoft wins Pentagon’s $10 billion contract beating Amazon

On Friday, Microsoft Corp beat Inc. and won the Pentagon’s $10 billion cloud computing contract. President Trump had articulated antagonism to giving the lucrative grant to a company led by Jeff Bezos, a regular target of his ire. The Pentagon’s $10 billion contract is a Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud (JEDI) which is a […]

Microsoft partners with Qualcomm to bring connectivity solutions for Azure Sphere

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., announced that it is developing the first cellular chip optimized and certified for Microsoft’s Azure Sphere Internet of Things (IoT) operating system. The new chipset will come with hardware-level security and will automatically connect to Azure Sphere security cloud services. Azure Sphere with the help of the new Qualcomm Technologies’ security will smooth […]

Microsoft to launch Surface Duo, a new foldable smartphone

Microsoft is bringing a new dual-screen smartphone, the Surface Duo. The smartphone has two displays of 5.6-inch displays each which amounts to an 8.3-inch device when unfolded. Microsoft Surface Duo is expected to join Microsoft’s new line of dual-screen smartphones, the Surface Neo. Not much information has been disclosed by Microsoft regarding the foldable device […]

ALTBalaji in alliance with Microsoft to bring low data content in India

ALTBalaji has announced a consumer profit alliance with Microsoft and Indian Fintech Company, Eko to bring a cloud coordinated content distribution network that will save cellular data. The association will enable the download and access of ALTBalaji content without consuming large amounts of cellular data using Microsoft’s BlendNet technology. BlendNet technology will bring videos through […]

Microsoft releases Windows 10 20H1 update for 800M users

The latest Windows 10 patches have not been released precisely as the most stable. But rather the opposite. Since their arrival, two weeks ago, users have done nothing but report all kinds of failures and problems. The most relevant have been CPU usage errors and failures when using the desktop search tool. After a long […]

Microsoft Windows 10 Calendar’s new update leaks

Microsoft has never failed to impress us with its new technologies and innovations. It has done it in the past and is continuing to do so. Microsoft’s unique grid home screen is still preferred by many. Recently, we got a hint that Microsoft had something new on its plate. According to a media report, Microsoft […]

Microsoft added new “Support a Creator” feature for Mixer before users join Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft announced in its official website that it has, with the Xbox Game Pass, started a new feature by which the Mixer Partners will receive $3 compensation for every new member who joins Xbox Game Pass and credits their channel with a code. The new Xbox Game Pass members or the existing ones who are […]

Microsoft is listening to your Xbox One voice commands

Privacy has become one of the key concerns of the internet savvy generation. Even though a lot of social media platforms claim that the privacy of the users is the main concern to them, recent news which comes out very often nowadays say otherwise. Violation of privacy has also lead to legal trouble for some […]

Microsoft patents for virtual volume control on a dual-display device

Microsoft wins a new patent that has more details about how the volume control user interface will look like and work on a foldable device. The new patent talks about the volume control that is not on the exterior of the device. The new patent grants for eliminating the physical buttons to control volume and […]

Xbox One S Youth Edition released; Xbox Elite Wireless Controller II to be released later

Microsoft China announced that it will bring new hardware and games to ChinaJoy this year. Apart from the release of the Xbox One S Youth Edition, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller II will also be released later this year. The National Bank Xbox One S Youth Edition will be released on 30th July and it […]