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Apple removes 181 vaping-related apps from its App Store

The number of vaping illnesses in the U.S. is still rising. And thus Apple takes the initiative to remove all 181 vaping-related apps from its App Store. The outbreak appears to have started in March and peaked in late summer with at least 42 people’s death but there is often a lag in reporting. Of […]

Apple research app launch offers incredible learnings in health studies

Apple today publicized that customers in the US can enroll in three health studies via Apple’s research app. The studies for the users include – the Apple Women’s Health Study, the Apple Heart and Movement Study, and the Apple Hearing Study. Today marks an important moment as we embark on research initiatives that may offer […]

Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro flaunts a renewed keyboard and more power

Rumored for months, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro is now a reality. The new equipment of Apple arrives to offer more screen in less space without sacrificing too much portability. New 16-inch MacBook Pro Given that the jump occurs from 15.4 inches to 16 inches, you can get an idea that the changes in size […]

Apple’s new Mac Pro and Pro display XDR get availability date

Rumors indicated that today we would finally have the new 16-inch MacBook Pro and it has been. The new portable equipment for professionals is already officially presented. But there was another product focused on the same sector for which the availability date was expected with more interest. The Mac Pro and the new Pro Display […]

Apple AirPods Pro now available on Amazon at a discounted price

People wishing to treat themselves to Apple’s latest release, the AirPods Pro wireless earphones, can head to the Amazon online shopping site that is currently offering a discount on said product, probably in celebration of Black Friday. Amazon has listed the price of the Apple AirPods Pro as $235, down by $14 from the originally […]

Apple foldable phone concept follows the footsteps of Samsung, Huawei

Apple is developing a new foldable phone. So far only Samsung and Huawei have released foldable phones but Apple being a giant tech, it was unlikely that it will stay behind in this new trend. The concept of the new foldable Apple phone looks somewhat similar to that of Samsung. The notch of the phone […]

Apple Card faces controversy as users accuse it of being sexist

Apple had introduced Apple Card which is a new kind of credit card, but it is not made by a bank. The card started functioning in the U.S. in August 2019. It has only been three months and it has started a controversy. David Heinemeier Hansson has accused the algorithm of Apple Card’s credit limit […]

Apple Watch gets Roku app support for remote controlling devices

Roku app now lets you control your devices with Apple Watch. Roku allows its users to control their broadcast device using a mobile app instead of the remote control. This is convenient for times when the Roku remote control is lost, the more convenient it is when the remote control is on the other side […]

Apple files patents for a voice and touch user interface as an in-car feature

A patent published on November 7 by Apple revealed some pretty exciting new in-car features that Apple is working on. The patent number 20190339094 – patents for Apple’s voice and touch user in-car interface feature for an automobile. The patent is for an electronic device that would be able to provide informational content, entertainment, navigation, […]

Apple rolls out iOS 13.2.2 to fix some minor issues with the iOS 13.2

Apple released iOS 13.2 last week but it came with its own set of tiny problems. The release of the new iOS 13.2 brought Deep Fusion to the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max along with some more emojis, new Siri privacy settings, and bug fixes. To redeem the damages done by the […]

Apple patents tangibility visualization of virtual objects within headsets

A published patent of Apple discloses a computer-generated reality environment. According to Apple, Computer Generated Reality (CGR) environments such as VR, AR, MR (mixed reality) and AV (augmented virtuality) may be supported in the future Apple headsets. Apple patents for providing tangibility visualization of virtual objects within a computer-generated reality environment found within a headset. […]

Apple AirPods Pro flagship to soon launch with noise cancellation

With the festive days approaching, Apple is planning to release its AirPods 3 flagship in the Taiwanese market. The first two generations of the AirPods are quite popular among people, so, it can be anticipated that the soon to be launched third-generation AirPods will also do a good business in the market. We can soon […]