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Volkswagen collaborates with Microsoft on cloud computing services

Volkswagen aims to expand its automotive cloud from Europe to the US and China. Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen AG, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced on Wednesday in Berlin, the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud based on Microsoft technology to offer not only in Europe but also in the US and China. At the MWC event […]

Hostgator vs. Bluehost: Which one you should prefer

HostGator and BlueHost are one of the most leading web hosts nowadays on the World Wide Web. These are said to be the perfect host providers for all types of websites but here choosing the one is a quite complicated task for startups, SME’s and SMB’s. However, if you are a newbie and just looking […]

Google Cloud improves text-to-speech and speech-to-text

On Thursday, Google Cloud announced a number of improvements coming soon to the platform’s AI-powered speech tools. Google Cloud took the decision to update its Text-to-Speech products by providing additional voices and languages to it, including beta-support for new languages or variants, including Danish, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese/Portugal, Russian, Slovakian and Ukrainian, making the product […]

Huawei and Turkcell collaborate to introduce the largest 5G-oriented All-Cloud Core Network

As of late, the Istanbul-based leading carrier, Turkcell made the announcement about its collaboration with Huawei to build a 5G-oriented all-cloud core network to launch the largest Cloud EPC Network across the globe. Coming off as a first of its kind, the all-cloud Core Network has key technologies for 5G evolution globally which entails commercial […]

Microsoft’s CEO cites underwater data centers in expanding global cloud computing platform

Nadella recently spoke at the Future Decoded conference about the future of data centers; the executive wants to bring Microsoft’s server operations under the sea. The executive believes the undersea deployment of waterproof “server pods” could be the future of data center expansion. Nadella predicts Project Natick, under which Microsoft deployed a 40-foot data center […]

Cloud Computing advantages every IT entrepreneur must know

For startup companies, cloud hosting delivers a critical differentiator. For the very first time, anybody may take up a business enterprise and put this within an enterprise-grade IT infrastructure which is versatile enough to progress. It nonetheless necessitates minimal funding expenditure. For smaller to moderately sized organizations which have minimal IT tools, the cloud hosting […]

The untold secret to mastering business communications using cloud

Good communication is vital to your business’ success. The cloud can help you enhance these communications. Technological advancements have undoubtedly helped to increase employees’ productivity while also dramatically lowering business’ operational costs. When implemented correctly, these solutions improve efficiency and data security while decreasing human error through automation. This is especially true when you’re dealing […]

Microsoft and Walmart in concert for expanding on usage of cloud and AI technologies

Walmart said today, July 17 that it is in a strategic partnership with Microsoft based on the wide usage of cloud and AI technologies. The agreement is for 5 years, where Walmart will take full advantage of the cloud solutions of Microsoft that of course include Microsoft 365 and Azure. According to the retail giant, […]

Google partners Unity to address creative and developmental needs of connected games

Google has announced its strategic partnership with Unity on the space of connected games, addressing the requirements for the developers, with the aim to provide more innovative and immersive experiences for the gamers as time goes. The partnerships entail building a pack of managed tools and services to create connected games. The first pack will […]

Google to acquire partnership with Velostrata to accelerate enterprise cloud migration

Google announces its agreement with Israel-based Velostrata, to accelerate enterprise cloud migration technology. It enters into an agreement in response to increasing enterprise demand in mass migrating on-premises workloads into Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This helps them take advantage of what the cloud has to offer – speed, scalability, and access to technologies like advanced […]

Google Cloud and NetApp in collaboration for cloud-native file storage service

It has been often seen that the IT companies struggle to find a good technology management guide which will actually understand how to move workloads with minimal disruption. One critical challenge is access to high-performance, scalable and shared file-systems. But the breezy time has come for the IT companies to manage their data, store and […]

iDrive cloud storage: Is it worth the money?

Online backup or cloud storage is an essential feature nowadays. Without a service like this, we risk losing all data from the phone and the PC. Cloud storage is also designed for companies, to collect and keep all of the important documents and files on another server, in case something happens at the company. There […]