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Everything you need to know about becoming TechGenyz guest author

Good news! You have come across the right place. TechGenyz is accepting guest authors who want to share their expertise among the thousands of readers across the world. If you think that you have writing spark that can engage our readers’ community, and you believe you can bring a fresh perspective with original and informative […]

Gaming subscription vs in-app purchases – What is better for you

The mobile app industry is currently growing at a voracious speed. There are millions of live apps on Google Play and the iOS App Store, and thousands more are launched every week. According to a study, when people are on their phone, they spend most of their time on apps. These apps mostly include social […]

How growth in Geolocation tech is driving Hyper-Personalized consumer marketing campaigns

Research conducted last year revealed that 73% of marketing executives consider AI and technology dependent on AI as crucial to the future of marketing. With the rise of customer-tailored, hyper-personalized engagement across social media channels, brands today have harnessed the latest in chatbot, intelligence, and data science to humanize what was once a cold, robotic […]

How to become an Affiliate Pro with the right WordPress plugin

We all are aware of the online platforms that are used to write and create our blogs or content sites. WordPress is among these several online sites that help in creating profiles and share our experiences for millions of internet users to read and gather. WordPress is based on MySQL and PHP that makes it […]

8 Plugins every webmaster should be using on their WordPress site

Unless you are a WordPress prodigy or an outstanding web developer, you’ll need plugins to help your site run smoothly. With the right plugin, you can streamline the functionality of your WordPress site, improve its appearance, and most importantly, make it function efficiently. Fortunately, there are a good number of plugins to choose from. In […]

8 Tips to consider when it comes to making money online

The internet is expanding at a very fast pace. A recent study shows that 47% of the world’s population uses the internet to buy different things. It means this is the golden opportunity for those who plan to make money online. Let it be affiliate marketing or simple ads monetization method. Earning a living from […]

Importance and benefits of professional video editor

Video editing is gaining worldwide fame because of its extreme need as the marketing strategies have shifted themselves from photo content to video content. The competition is growing as well among the video editors. Keeping it all aside, even the employers sometimes get confused between whether they should consider hiring a video editor or to […]

9 gadgets to help you improve your productivity levels at work

Be it at work or any other activity; it can be quite challenging to keep your focus zeroed in on a single process. And more so at work, given the monotony, it brings along. Though it is challenging, it is not highly impractical to improve work productivity either. Irrespective of the industry you are in, […]

7 Proven tips of mental health you should make sure to pass on to your employees

Mental health may not seem important to you as an employer, but there are 7 tips you should definitely make sure to pass on to your employees. As an employer, you want what’s best for your employees so you’re often thinking about things like office design, productivity, and payroll. One thing you probably never give […]

20 Reasons why your social media strategies aren’t working

Social media marketing is fairly easy nowadays. This ease can mainly be attributed to the automated tools made available by all social media platforms. When you spend on promotion, these platforms earn, and so they try to make the promotional process as easy and straightforward as they can. Make no mistake; what they make easy […]

4-step guide to help your gaming console last for many years to come

There are many different game consoles out there, from the latest ones like PlayStation 4 to the most recent iteration of the Xbox. Then there are older ones that people still have from years gone by, like the older Playstation versions, the Super Nintendo, the Sega Genesis, etc. There are even retro gaming systems that […]

Tips to utilize storytelling for boosting website engagement

Let’s make it clear. Storytelling goes beyond the content on the website! There are billions of websites on every search engine, but only a few achieve their desired traffic and user engagement because visitors fail to connect with the website. Why? Because there’s no story, no ideas, and absolutely no reason to scroll down! Ever wonder why […]