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Mozilla to solve leaked out password problem with new Firefox 69 update

Recently, Mozilla has announced through their Foundation Security Advisory that it was possible to copy saved passwords without having a preset master password entry. However, Mozilla is looking forward to solving the problem with a built-in password generator from Firefox version 69 onwards. With the designation CVE-2019-11733, Mozilla has referred to the impact of the […]

Google Chrome to drop support for FTP URLs altogether

Google Chrome will no longer support the FTP in Chrome 80. It is also planning to drop FTP related code and resources or URL from Chrome 82 as was reported by the Chrome engineers. Chrome from the beginning did not have an encrypted FTP connection support which made it vulnerable to security threats online and […]

Opera’s Touch can now send files between smartphone, iPad, and PC

Opera announced new Opera Touch features that will enable users to send files including photos, PDFs, and zip files to the desktop using the Flow syncing. However, the feature comes with a file size limit of just 10 MB, but for the small document, it will come into handy. To access Opera Touch, you need […]

Motorola, Verizon announces Moto Z2 Force to support the 5G Moto Mod

The next generation of wireless technology is the 5G network which is set to make a bunch of enhancement to the speeds at which our phones connect. Motorola and Verizon announced that the 5G Moto Mod supports Moto Z2 Force. The Moto Mod was previously only compatible with the Moto Z3 but now as the […]

Amazon’s facial recognition technology is apt to detect fear

Amazon Rekognition, a face-scanning software can now detect more age ranges, and can also detect fear, the company announced on Monday. The company launched its face analysis features that can detect faces in the form of gender, age range, emotions, attributes such as ‘Smile,’ face pose, face image quality, and face landmarks. The company announces, […]

Microsoft re-introduces Windows core operating system for new devices

There was a rumor in the air that Microsoft was working on its Windows Core Operating system and was soon going to introduce it to the world again. This new OS from Microsoft is said to be compatible with other devices like a new class of devices, collapsible PCs and will also support Android devices. […]

Reliance to launch Jio Fibre in India soon; free HD LED TV with 4K set-top boxes for subscribers

At the 42nd Annual General Meeting in Mumbai, Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance made several landmark announcements regarding the plans of the company. The Jio Fibre service was in talks for quite sometime after its announcement in August last year, the service is already being previewed in selected cities. The Jio Fibre service is […]

ByteDance launches new search portal called Toutiao Search

ByteDance launched a new search portal today called Toutiao Search. This step taken by ByteDance will be its another venture into the arena of search portals. Toutiao Search is a part of the website Toutiao owned by ByteDance. The new search portal is optimized for mobile phones only as of now, and not yet a […]

Samsung to mass-produce 108 MP ISOCELL Bright HMX image sensor with Xiaomi

Samsung Electronics introduced today 108 MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX made in collaboration with Xiaomi Corp. The manufacturing of this Samsung image sensor will begin later this month. Why is everyone excited about it? This new ISOCELL will be the first-ever mobile image sensor to exceed 100 million pixels. With the addition, Samsung will move […]

Huawei releases two smart screens at the 3-day conference in Dongguan

A three-day conference organized by Huawei is going on in Dongguan where the company showcased the first smart screen TV which will come with the latest Hongmeng OS. Zhao Ming mentioned that Huawei smart screen would not be anything like the traditional TV that the consumers worldwide are used to. Huawei Smart Screens uses innovative […]

Huawei officially presents its operating system: Harmony OS

Huawei announced months ago, regarding the problem it had with the United States government, that it was working on launching its new operating system to replace Android, as Google had turned its back on updates and support. Although everything has been fixed, Huawei has continued forward with the launch of the operating system that, until […]

Huawei releases Hongmeng OS for a plethora of devices

Huawei released its new OS called the Hongmeng OS. This OS will be the first one to be applied to a plethora of gadgets such as smartwatches, smart screens, car devices, and smart speakers. Huawei believes that it is important for an OS to develop a cross-platform tendency, and be up for high-security challenges. Unlike […]