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4 Tips on how to manage social media campaigns like a pro

Social media management is a hectic job if you miss the principles to help you deliver with your campaigns. Managing many websites and apps, toggling from one service to another, to ensure all your campaigns are delivering is not easy. You, therefore, must understand that there is no time to lose in your endeavors. You […]

How to effectively use Social Media for communicating USPs of business schools

Light may be the fastest, but in current times, information travels faster than light. Thanks to social media, anything you seek is just a click away. What started as a sincere attempt to connect friends and family, has now transformed into the most potent means of communication. Every business – big or small, old or […]

How to get back deleted iPhone data without backup?

If you have deleted data from your iPhone for which you do not have a backup, the following guide should teach you how you can recover your data in such cases. The guide offers multiple methods to let you regain access to your data. If you have been using an iPhone or any other smartphone […]

Hope to live longer? Get ready to face grand world challenges

Have our grandparents ever think of self-driving cars, widespread internet access, semi-smart robots, and many things that the current century holds? Not sure about the time, but we soon are witnessing such technological changes around us. Despite having these beyond-the-imagination advancements, we are unable to wean ourselves off from so many issues that are affecting […]

How to maintain good quality data with regular data cleansing

Data cleansing is something that every business owner needs to focus on. It needs to become a part of the daily and routine at work because without regular data cleansing it is going to be impossible to maintain good quality data that is important for the growth of the business. The process of data cleansing […]

How to avoid an ADA website compliance lawsuit

As the roster of a business website that has been snared by ADA lawsuits targeting non-compliance content, companies are learning there is an urgent need to upgrade their websites into compliance. The Trump administration’s unfortunate decision to stop drafting ADA rules for website compliance leaves the marketplace vulnerable to a wave of legal actions. Some […]

How to secure WordPress websites in 13 steps

You have surely read articles on how to secure a WordPress Website. However, very often the authors only touch on the good practices that should frame the obtaining of a site in WordPress. I propose a continuation of step to secure your WordPress website. This article will discuss steps to take to achieve WordPress concretely. […]

How to choose the best ultrabook

The choice Choosing a new laptop is so hard these days. There are multiple, near-similar products out there, all kinds of brands with overlapping prices and similar features, each claiming to offer the best this and that. It doesn’t get easier when choosing the best Ultrabook. Ultrabook Ultrabooks are the crème de la crème of […]

What is Fire Stick and how do you jailbreak it

If you are not aware of the terms Jailbreak and Fire TV Stick, then don’t worry because here in this tutorial I will apprise you about these terms with complete detail. After reading this article, you will surely get cleared about both Jailbreak and Fire TV Stick and will be left with no doubts. So very first, I […]

How to create a converting Email Marketing funnel for your eCommerce business

Did you know that email marketing helps an eCommerce business establish and nurture relationships with their leads and customers? It’s a type of marketing that uses one of the most powerful online sales channel, the email. This strategy includes creating professional newsletters and email campaigns that help an eCommerce business connect, engage, and build relationships […]

Content Locking the right way (How to)

It is in some way said to be a new traffic monetization method that rotates around the thought of making worthy content. Adjustable to almost any sort of content, content locking has been a winning revenue originator for site owners for past years. First of all, let’s understand in simple words – What is Content […]

How to present Employee Monitoring System to the workforce and get their support

To monitor and track your employees to increase productivity is necessary. It can be done by incorporating one of the classic monitoring platforms that track workstations in your office space and to block certain websites combined with security camera system by employing some of the advanced monitoring solutions that come with features like tracking communication […]