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Research: Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers eavesdrop on owners

Researchers found a new vulnerability affecting both Google and Amazon smart speakers that could allow hackers to eavesdrop and even phish on unsuspecting users. The two vulnerabilities occur because both companies make their speakers smarter by allowing third-party developers to create apps or “skills” for them. On the other hand, Apple’s HomePod is safe as […]

Motorola launches 75-inch TV; to be available from October 22 on Flipkart

Last month, n and 65-inch TVs which inaugurated their new venture into the TV business. On 21st October, Motorola revealed a 75-inch giant of a TV extending its TV line up. The new 75-inch sports an IPS LCD with LED backlight, like the rest of the TVs in the line-up. The Android TV platform embedded […]

Xiaomi launches Mi Air Purifier 2C in India at INR 6,499

With pollution increasing day by day, everyone needs a fresh breath of air. That’s why air purifiers are becoming a thing of necessity in our lives. The Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has recently launched its latest Mi Air Purifier 2C in the Indian market priced at INR 6,499. This is a cheaper version of its Mi […]

Sony releases 40th Anniversary Walkman NW-ZX500 and NW-A100

The Sony Walkman is back. Sony has released a 40th anniversary Walkman a “special cassette tape user interface and screensaver,” and comes with Wi-Fi and Android for music streaming. Sony released the Walkman 40th Anniversary Edition of the new NW-ZX500 series and NW-A100 series. The new product adopts the Android9.0 operating system, which supports the […]

Philips launches headphones, soundbars, and Bluetooth speakers

Philips Audio has launched a slew of new products in India that range from soundbars and headphones to transportable Bluetooth party speakers and more. The company also announced some new headphones, alongside with wireless earphones that can charge your phone, some new party speakers, and a lot more. Philips Audio showcased a full new vary […]

Samsung to bring QLED TV with Infinity Display

Samsung announced various Infinity Displays in November 2018, since then it has been using this technology in all Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The phone hs a larger screen surface due to the Infinity Display. It seems that Samsung wants to continue this trend in 2020 and also wants to apply similar screen technology for its QLED […]

Sony PS5 game console prototype (new 3D model)

In just four months, Sony will introduce its new PS5 game console during PlayStation Meeting 2020, as a leaked memo revealed earlier this year. After the official introduction, it will take several months before you can buy the Sony PlayStation 5. Nevertheless, you can assume that the game console will be launched for the lucrative December holidays, just like the Xbox […]

Samsung Zero Bezel QLED TV to arrive at CES 2020

Tech enthusiasts have a strong emphasis in recent years on reducing screen edges. This has given a whole new look to numerous consumer electronics products. We are not only seeing this trend with smartphones, but also with tablets, monitors and TVs. What will this lead to? There is a good chance that we will increasingly see ‘zero bezels’ designs in the future. Samsung ‘Zero Bezel’ TV […]

Samsung announced the sale of The Frame QLED TV for Rs 84,990

Samsung has officially announced The Frame QLED TV with 120Hz refresh rate that supports HDR10+ high dynamic range (HDR). Samsung announced The Frame” QLED TV in India, just hours after OnePlus announced the OnePlus TV. The Frame is quite literally a piece of art. You don’t even have to take Samsung’s word for it. The […]

First OnePlus TV features QLED 4K panel, Dolby vision, and Android OS

Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, was exulting to announce the new OnePlus TV, although all our attention was brought to him by the presenter. This is the first OnePlus TV and one of the company’s most important projects beyond its phones. The OnePlus TV Q1 is a TV with Android TV, thin frames and where you have sought to […]

Samsung to launch smart speaker home robot with artificial intelligence

In recent years, there has been a trend for SLimme speakers. A large number of manufacturers are bringing smart speakers with a voice assistant. Some are compatible with the Google Assistant, others with Siri or Amazon Alexa. In this race, Korean manufacturer Samsung is all set to launch its first smart speaker with Bixby, the Galaxy Home. […]

Amazon’s reveals new Alexa devices at the annual Hardware event

Amazon unveiled more than a dozen new Alexa-enabled products at the annual Amazon Hardware event in Seattle on September 26. The list of products include a wide range of Alexa featured products, from Echo Loop to an oven. A large number of home products and hardware devices are sold on Amazon at a daily basis. […]