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Tesla launches solar rental services at just $50 a month

Tesla is going to unveil its new solar rental program at an affordable price of $50 per month. Homeowners can simply rent their own solar panels without any upfront installation cost or any long term contract. This new service can save the homeowners from paying expensive electricity bills, and it can even save electricity for […]

Aion LX’s NEDC cruising range will exceed 650km

GAC New Energy Automobile Co. Ltd, an electric car manufacturer, has unveiled the Aion LX, its new flagship model in the Aion range. Premiering at the event of Auto Shanghai 2019, the Aion LX is equipped with the latest smart driving technology. At the time of the launch, the company claimed that the battery life […]

A new demo video on YouTube shows Tesla’s Smart Summon feature

The Early Access Program participants are privy to the fourth iteration of Tesla’s Smart Summon feature. This feature, which was previously named ‘Enhanced Summon’ will help its users operate their all-electric cars through the Tesla mobile app. What’s more, it would also help them travel autonomously to their location. ALL Electric, a YouTube channel posted […]

Tesla users can expect an MCU retrofit for older Model X and Model S

There have been a lot of updates lately regarding Tesla like the version 10 software update with other streaming features. Now, the company expects to come with an update that would upgrade MCU options for older Model S and Model X. Yes, you can upgrade hardware, although we also wrote software to accelerate rendering on […]

Tesla is closing on a factory for European Gigafactory

According to Elon Musk, Tesla’s fourth Gigafactory will have its location decided on by the end of this year. Musk also confirmed to continue sourcing European vehicle orders from Fremont, California factory until and unless a European location is ready for production. Last year, Musk said that one of the leading choices for European factory […]

Tesla Co-Founder and CTO J. B. Straubel to step down

After being one of the longest-tenured executives in Tesla, besides being its co-founder, CTO J. B. Straubel is all set to step down and become a senior advisor in the company instead. The announcement regarding the same was made at Tesla’s earnings calls today, where Elon Musk also announced that Straubel shall be succeeded by […]

Tesla opens Supercharger V3 station with immense accommodation capacity in Las Vegas

Tesla’s newly-opened Las Vegas Supercharger V3 station, situated in the centre of the Las Vegas Strip beside the High Roller at The LINQ, is one of Tesla’s most extensive Supercharger V3 sites as of now, with its capacity of accommodating at least 1,500 electric cars on a daily basis. This corroborates the goal of reducing […]

Tesla plans to stop selling cars in the future at a reasonable price

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirms that Tesla will likely stop selling cars to consumers at a reasonable price. Tesla plans to involve perfecting the full self-driving capability of its electric car up to a point where almost no human intervention is required. This improved feature will cause Tesla cars to appreciate, thus raising its price […]

Tesla Model 3 bags five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test

The European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) has rated the Tesla Model 3 in its latest round of crest tests with a full five stars – and its the same number as in the tests of the US agency NHTSA. The European testers were impressed by the California electric car. “The Tesla Model 3 […]

Tesla’s new black body color now costs extra $1,000

When consumers order new cars, companies often offer a variety of color bodies, but in addition to the basic colors, other colors require an extra charge. Most car manufacturers use white, black and silver as the basic colors, except for Tesla. In the past, there were only two basic colors, black and white. All other […]

Tesla driver uses Auto-pilot feature to sleep behind his steering wheel

In California, a driver appears to be in a deep sleep behind the wheel of an autopilot Tesla while other motorists desperately honk to try to wake him. In footage shared by another driver shows the car traveling down the freeway with the driver appearing to be mid-nap, with his head turned to the window. […]

Elon Musk at E3 revealed YouTube coming to Tesla cars

At the E3 event during a special Q&A today Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that Tesla’s in-car display would support YouTube someday soon. In a talk with Todd Howard and Geoff Keighley, Elon also answered some very interesting general questions. Musk specifically said YouTube would be coming to cars during the E3 event today, at […]